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Seoul Drama International Awards: 'Snowdrop' finally gets first win, Jisoo fans say 'deserved'

Blackpink's Jisoo gets her first acting award for her first lead role in the controversial K-drama 'Snowdrop'
Despite 'Snowdrop' being cleared of all controversies, award shows had yet to acknowledge Jisoo or the rest of the cast and crew (@sooyaaa__, @jtbcdrama/Instagram)
Despite 'Snowdrop' being cleared of all controversies, award shows had yet to acknowledge Jisoo or the rest of the cast and crew (@sooyaaa__, @jtbcdrama/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It looks like after much heartbreak, 'Snowdrop' is finally getting the recognition it deserves as it won at Seoul Drama International Awards 2022. Due to controversy, the melodrama has not been acknowledged by award shows like APAN 2022, Baeksang Art Awards and Blue Dragon Series Awards. In fact, Blue Dragon Series Award allegedly misled fans when they allowed Jisoo to be nominated in the preliminary round for 'Best New Actress'. After fans voted to secure her final nomination, the event announced 'Snowdrop' was not eligible as it was not produced by an OTT platform.

'Snowdrop' did not get a positive reception since it was embroiled in an ethical scandal. Many netizens claimed that it distorted history and glorified the NSA and North Korean spies. Fans who tried to reason were written off as Blackpink fans blinded by Jisoo's role in the drama. 'Snowdrop' was not promoted and had one of the lowest ratings in JTBC history. However, after several investigations, the Blue House and the court announced that they had not found 'Snowdrop' guilty of distorting history. But it seemed that the damage had been done as 'Snowdrop' had yet to get any awards.


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Fans were upset that Jung Hae-in and Blackpink's Jisoo did not get to promote 'Snowdrop' due to the controversy (@jtbcdrama/Instagram)
'Snowdrop' fans were upset that Jung Hae-in and Blackpink's Jisoo did not get acknowledged due to the controversy (@jtbcdrama/Instagram)

Blackpink's Jisoo gets award for 'Snowdrop'

K-drama fans felt that despite 'Snowdrop' being cleared of all false allegations, award ceremonies were staying clear of it so as not to irk those numerous netizens who had been against it. However, one event has decided to go with the 'art for art's sake' motto. The Seoul Drama International Awards 2022 event has revealed that Blackpink's Jisoo has won the fan-voting category for 'Outstanding Korean Drama Star - Actress' with 41.58% vote.

The Seoul Drama International Awards 2022 winners will be officially announced and awarded on September 22. Fans can watch the ceremony on KBS 2TV channel and SDA YouTube channel as it airs between 5 and 7 pm KST (4 and 6 am ET). Fans rejoiced as this was Blackpink Jisoo's first award for her acting. The idol actress has done several cameos but 'Snowdrop' is her first main role. This is also the first award for 'Snowdrop' in general.

'You will always be famous'

One fan tweeted, "Congratulations our girl Eun Youngro /Kim Jisoo. You deserved it. Hopefully you attend this awards." Another shared, "You will always be famous." One fan added, "Snowdrop ended 7 months ago and still relevant but not recognized by these award shows in their own country." Another Blackpink fan commented, "Anyway congratulations to Jisoo for winning the Outstanding Korean Actress at the 17th Seoul International Drama awards 2022." One fan posted, "Well deserved for all her hardwork 😭 let's hope she is able to attend the show."






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