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'Snowdrop' Ending Explained: Suho’s escape plans and the NSA’s raid clash

The controversial K-drama starring Blackpink's Jisoo and Jung Hae-in ended on January 30 on a tragic note
Do Su-ho and Young-ro get a happy ending? (@jtbcdrama/Instagram)
Do Su-ho and Young-ro get a happy ending? (@jtbcdrama/Instagram)

The K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ has been a rollercoaster fictionally and in real life. Set during the '80s uprising for democracy in South Korea, it is Blackpink Jisoo’s first major acting role. She was cast opposite melodrama favorite Jung Hae-in. It started off with a bunch of controversies as the general public and activists called it out for its insensitive portrayal of the uprising and the relations between North Korea and South Korea. But it has finally ended with a high rating.

After the court and the Blue House (South Korea’s presidential office) vetoed the cancelation petitions and lawsuits and gave their approval for the drama’s broadcast, netizens finally gave the Jisoo-starrer K-drama a chance. Well, they did more as invested viewers are now torn over the ending which took place on January 30. This weekend was full of emotions as the production decided to air the last three ‘Snowdrop’ episodes in 48 hours. And fans have a lot of questions like Su-ho’s death, the NSA’s consequences, Young-ro’s fate and more.

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'Snowdrop' ending

In ‘Snowdrop’, Jung Hae-in plays the North Korean spy Su-ho who has doubts about his mission after his party decides to kill him for hindering their plans. Blackpink’s Jisoo plays student Young-ro who mistakes him for a student activist and who then unwillingly holds her hostage to protect his team. He decides to go rogue earning the wrath of his comrades and the NSA who have partnered up with North Korea. Su-ho teams up with the hostages, his comrade, Doctor Kang and NSA officer Gang-mu to ruin the political plans between North Korea and South Korea. 

It is established that the North want to kill their spies for foiling the mission while the South want to kill all of the student hostages as it will get them sympathy votes which will help them win the upcoming election. In exchange, the South is ready to give 300 million dollars to the North. In Episode 15, it seems like Su-ho’s plan is working as Doctor Kang gets the money, comes back to flee the country with the comrades and help the hostages escape without the NSA killing them all.


The sleeper North Korean agent

However, we get the biggest plot twist in the finale which is Episode 16. While, Su-ho, Doctor Kang and his two comrades try to escape with the money, it turns out there was another sleeper agent in the hostel that foils their plans. Kim, the old doddering dorm manager who cowered in the beginning and was even beat up by the comrades, turned out to be a North Korean spy who is woken up to kill Su-ho’s team for failing their mission. He kills the two comrades Gyeok-chan and Eung-cheol but dies while trying to kill Su-ho.

Doctor Kang tries to convince Su-ho to continue with their escape plan, however, he decides to go back and save the student hostages escape alive as the NSA’s Nam Tae-il brutally raids the place. Doctor Kang flees alone with the money and promises to take care of all of their families. The NSA is sent in to kill the students after the hot-headed Ha-na tells the public about South Korea’s election scheme. Young-ro’s father Eun Chang-su who is NSA’s president recovers from his gunshot that was ordered by Nam Tae-il and helps Ha-na escape with the students.


Su-ho and Young-ro's ending

Ha-na takes the student hostages and leaves in a bus. However, Young-ro, headmistress Ms Pi, Bun-ok and cook Oh are left behind in the hostel. Oh accidentally sets off a bomb and the rest try to help her out. Su-ho saves them as they are surrounded by NSA agents but gets shot multiple times in the process. The three women leave except Young-ro who stays by the injured Su-ho. To make sure she is also not killed by Nam Tae-il, he tells the NSA where the 300 million is being kept and adds that the password to access it is only known to Young-ro.

The plan mildly backfires as Nam Tae-il orders the officers to anyway shoot them. Su-ho is fatally injured and gives Young-ro the tape he had recorded in response to her confessing she had fallen in love with him at first sight. He also says that he loves her and asks her to live her life. The NSA officers take away Young-ro as Su-ho watches. He dies after she leaves.


The aftermath

The election scheme fails anyway and the opposing party wins. The NSA leaders including Young-ro’s father is jailed. Her stepmother escapes with a hidden stash of money. In the meantime, Gang-mu and Ha-na are seen leaving everything behind and going off in their cars together. Young-ro is at the cafe where she had first seen Su-ho and listens to his tape while imagining the alternate life they could have had together.