Is Seo-jin dead? 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' episode 11 leaves fans shocked with brutal ending

With Seo-jin and Dan-tae getting what they deserve, episode 11 ends on a shocking note

                            Is Seo-jin dead? 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' episode 11 leaves fans shocked with brutal ending
Kim So-Yeon as Seo-jin in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (Instagram/ sbsdrama.official)

For 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' seems like divine retribution is finally here, especially for Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) and Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-joon) who are now compelled to face their heinous crimes.

After Logan (Park Eun-seok), Yoon-chul (Yoon Jong-hoon), Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), Mar-ri (Shin Eun-kyung) and Dong Pil (Park Ho-san) teamed up, they finally got Seo-jin and Dan-tae to turn against each other. After causing the two to have a massive fight, they begin to single them out to make them suffer.


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While Dan-tae is locked in a mental asylum in Japan under his real name — "Baek Joon-ki" — Seok-kyung (Han Ji-hyun) goes to see him to rub salt in his wounds, seeing that she was not too long ago in his place. After taunting him, Dan-tae is now more frantic and determined to leave the asylum. However, he is still a criminal in Japan and South Korea, making his escape a tough proposition. But knowing how cunning Dan-tae is, it's not entirely impossible. 

While the group managed to restrain Dan-tae physically, Seo-jin's downfall comes through sheer mental torture. After being drugged by her own daughter, Eun-byeol (Choi Ye-bin), to wipe out the memories of Yoon-hee's (Eugene) murder, Seo-jin begins to have minor manic episodes. She is then later kidnapped by Su-ryeon, who she had presumed dead after she framed her. Su-ryeon injected Seo-jin with another lethal drug, creating a deadly concoction that messed with her memory.

Having lost her money, status and Cheong Arts Centre, Seo-jin reaches her absolute breaking point. While kept hidden away to protect her from the police, she searches for Eun-byeol and has a mental breakdown. She wanders around Hera Palace, screaming Eun-Byeol's name, shocking all the residents.


She even manages to break into Ro-na's (Kim Hyun-soo) home. She sees Ro-na and assumes she's Eun-byeol and begins to drag her away. As Ro-na tries to fight back, Yoon-chul appears to save his daughter. However, seeing her ex-husband drives Seo-jin even wilder as she begins to attack him and even injures him.

As they two fight, a shocking chain of events leads to Ro-na falling down the stairs while Seo-jin falls off the second-floor railing. Yoon-chul breaks Ro-na's fall; however, a loud crack is heard, and he and Ro-na are unconscious — the episode did not reveal if they are still alive.

Seo-jin was far less fortunate. While trying to break her fall, she latches on to the chandelier before falling to the floor. Her weight unhinges the heavy mental chandelier, which then falls on her, nearly crushing her. Fans were absolutely shocked as no one saw it coming.

"`WHAT THE HELL!?";_)$!_+__+(+$-#&#@@627#- SEOJIN DIED???!!! YOONCHUL GOT HURT??!??? #Penthouse3Ep11" tweeted an exasperated fan. "NO CAUSE im kinda sad that Seojin died even tho she is a btch #Penthouse3Ep11" added another. "CHEON SEOJIN DESERVE THAT BUT WHY AM I CRYING ??? #Penthouse3Ep11" tweeted an emotional fan. "OMG the Ending!!! I never expected that Seojin's downfall will be like that! #Penthouse3Ep11" added a surprised fan. (Trigger warning: some of these images are graphic in nature)






For now, it looks the series biggest villain might have just met her gruesome end. What do you think? Is Seo-jin, Yoon-chul and Ro-na all dead? Or are Yoon-chul and Ro-na possibly alive? Sound off in the comments below. 

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