'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Eun-byeol drugs Seo-jin as episode 10 explores toxic relationship

Looks like the Hera Palace kids are now making their parents suffer the way they did

                            'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Eun-byeol drugs Seo-jin as episode 10 explores toxic relationship
Choi Ye-Bin as Eun-byeol and Kim So-Yeon as Seo-jin, as seen in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (SBS)

If you've been patiently waiting for Seo-jin (Kim So-Yeon) and Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-Joon) to get what they deserve on ''Penthouse 3: War in Life'', the wait might finally be over. With Logan (Park Eun-Seok), Yoon-chul (Yoon Jong-hoon), Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), Mar-ri (Shin Eun-Kyung) and Dong Pil (Park Ho San) finally teaming up together, it looks like they are attacking Dan-tae and Seo-jin in ways they least expect it.


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With Logan and Su-ryeon's elaborate plans in place, not only did they manage to deplete nearly all of Dan-tae's funds, but they finally exposed him by giving the police the footage of Yoon-hee's death. Dan-tae believes that Dong-pil was still on his side. However, Dong-pil tricks him into staying at a hideout and later informs the police. In an attempt to escape, Dan-tae boards a ferry in the dead of night, but unknown to him, Logan and Su-ryeon plan his capture. He is drugged on the ferry and suddenly wakes up in a foreign hospital. He soon realises he is in a mental ward in Japan, and his identity has been changed back to Baek Joon-ki. He bursts out into a rage, and at that very moment, Seok-kyung (Han Ji-Hyun) walks in to taunt him behind bars. Fans loved that this moment between them had come full circle, seeing that she was in his position not long ago. 

"JOO DANTAE IS A MENTAL HOSPITAL IN AN FOREIGN COUNTRY LMAO AND HIS NAME ON THE BED IS ''BAEK JUNKI'' WHERE HE LOCKED THE REAL JOO DANTAE IN LMAOOO #Penthouse3Ep10," exclaimed a fan. "Now look how the tables have turned  #Penthouse3Ep10," tweeted another, pointing out the parallels, seeing that Dan-tae is now the person trapped behind bars.







While Seok-kyung's revenge on Dan-tae was satisfying to watch, she is not the only character with something up her sleaves. While Seok-kyung is working with her mother Su-ryeon and her brother Seok-hoon (Kim Young-Dae), Eun-byeol (Choi Ye-Bin), on the other hand, is out making some twisted plans of her own. So far, she is unaware of what is happening and only knows that Seo-jin killed Yoon-hee. But because of the memory altering drugs, she seems to have forgotten the whole kidnapping incident but occasionally has flashes about it. For Seo-jin, now that Dan-tae has been exposed and is a wanted man in South Korea, she feels she has won. In her head, she has gotten rid of Yoon-hee, Su-ryeon and Dan-tae, allowing her to be the director of CheongA Arts Centre and spend her days with Eun-byeol. Eun-byeol, however, sees her mothers paranoia and begins to act in a crazed manner herself. She wants to keep her mother for herself and erase all her bad memories so that they can be happy. She does so by heavily drugging her wine with the same pills she was given. But she pours in what looks like a lethal amount that had fans shocked.

"Eunbyeol is just pretending that she forgot how her mom killed Yoon Hee? #Penthouse3Ep10," asked a fan. "Did Eunbyeol drigged her mother with same drug they used for her to lose her memory lmao both mom and daughter are sick#Penthouse3Ep10," tweeted another. 

"EUNBYEOL WTFFF!!? She puts the memory erase pill into Cheon Seojin wine to erase her bad memories GIRLLLL IK but it ain't good ltr on #Penthouse3Ep10 #Penthouse3," tweeted a user. ""I WILL ERASE ALL YOUR BAD MEMORIES SO WE CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER MOM"???? OMG??? IS SEOJIN GONNA GET DEMENTIA TOO??? #penthouse3ep10," tweeted a fan. 

"Eun Byeol put many memory pills into Seo Jin'sJin's cup of wine. Does she wants to k word her or what?? She'sShe's scary #Penthouse3Ep10," said another.











By the look of the episode 11 preview, the pills have an extreme effect on Seo-jin, as she is seen acting frantically. Do you think she's going to suffer from severe memory loss and manic behavior? Or will she recover? Tell us in the comments below!

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