'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Why did Seok-hoon save Seok-kyung? Episode 9 sees siblings bond

'Seok-kyung and Seok-hoon may not be twins by blood but their bond is the sibling relationship we all want to have,' tweeted a fan

                            'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Why did Seok-hoon save Seok-kyung? Episode 9 sees siblings bond
Seok-hoon played by Kim Young-Dae and Han Ji-hyun as Joo Seok-kyung in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (SBS)

It's no secret that 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' has an exceptionally talented cast that brings the characters of this series to life. And while the older actors are accomplished ones, the younger actors also do a phenomenal job at gripping the audience's attention.

Han Ji-hyun's performance as Joo Seok-kyung is hard to ignore, as she portrays the character's emotions with pure, raw talent. In Episode 9 of the series, fans got to experience a different side of Seok-kyung, as she attempts to end Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-joon) once and for all. 


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Still on the run, Seok-kyung manages to get close enough to Dan-tae and attempts to assault him. However, she is stopped just in time by Dong-pil (Park Ho San), who quickly takes her away from the scene before Dan-tae notices her. He does so because if Dan-tae were to catch her, she would be dead. He quickly calls Seok-hoon (Kim Young-Dae), who rushes to the aid of his sister.

Seok-kyung, who is still angry at herself and grieving her mistakes, lashes out at Seok-hoon, telling him that he should leave her, because they are not even siblings. However, for Seok-hoon, being blood-related doesn't matter to him. He will always consider Seok-kyung as his sister. He promises to help and protect her, and she agrees. Fans were thrilled to see that the Joo siblings had finally reconciled.

"Seokkyung : "i'm not even your real sister." seokhoon : "you'll always be my sister." #Penthouse3Ep9 #Penthouse3," tweeted a fan. "Joo twins nay not be blood related but I love the way seokhoon knows how he can calm seokkyung by his hug only BEST BROTHER INDEED#Penthouse3Ep9," added another. "Seokkyung could've acted strong in front of others but in front of seokhoon, she's just being a younger sister that needs attention from her brother  #Penthouse3 #Penthouse3Ep9," observed a fan. "Seokkyung and seokhoon may not be twins by blood but their bond is the sibling relationship we all want to have i love joo twins so much  #Penthouse3Ep9," agreed a fan.

"Despite the toxic relationship and the fight seokhoon and seokkyung had, the fact that they went through almost everything together and know that they always got each other's back is never changing :’) i love my joo twins and their bond so much <3 #Penthouse3Ep9 #Penthouse3," added another.

"Despite of all the things happened, seokhoon still chose to protect seokkyung from dantae. at all costs. once again, he's the best brother anyone could ever ask for  #Penthouse3Ep9" tweeted a user. 












By teaming up with her brother, Seok-kyung realises that her actions led to Yoon-hee's death. Determined to follow the path of redemption, she reveals to her mother, Su-ryeon that Seo-jin had killed her father in her quest to become the director of CheongA Arts Centre. Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-Ah) finding out this information is critical as she now has more resources to get rid of Seo-jin. Although fans didn't get a mother-daughter reunion, the next episode teases an emotional moment between the two, as Su-ryeon finally gets to see her daughter. 

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