'Penthouse 3: War in Life': New alliance might lead to Dan-tae's doom

'Penthouse 3: War in Life': New alliance might lead to Dan-tae's doom
Su-ryeon played by Lee Ji-Ah, Logan played by Park Eun-Seok, Yoon-cheol played by Yoon Jong-Hoon, Ma-ri played by Shin Eun-Kyung and Dong-pil played by Park Ho-san, as seen in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (SBS)

When it comes to 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' it's every man for himself. The series sees each of the characters often acting out of their own motives. While some achieve their plans without affecting others, some characters will stop at nothing to get what they want.

A perfect example of this would have to be Seo-jin (Kim So-Yeon) and Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-Joon). These characters do everything out of purely selfish motives and do not care about who gets hurt in the process as long as they are successful. But actions often result in karma, and it looks like their harmful deeds are catching up to them soon enough.


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It is no secret that there is a long list of people who want Dan-tae dead. And while Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-Ah) came relatively close to being successful when she nearly mowed him down with her car, Dan-tae has always managed to escape. However, his luck might soon start to run out, seeing that the list of people who want him dead now have a new reason to end his reign of terror forever. 

While fans are still hopeful that Yoon-hee (Eugene) might make a sudden comeback, it's quite unlikely that she will. However, it is essential to remember that her death has now become the catalyst for Dan-tae's end. Su-ryeon, after finding out that Dan-tae attempted to murder Logan (Park Eun-Seok) and was responsible for Yoon-hee's death, is now on the warpath. Moreover, the fact that he also manipulated her daughter Seok-kyung only adds fuel to the fire. Logan, too, is on her side and wants to end Dan-tae.

For Ma-ri (Shin Eun-Kyung), she wants to get rid of Dan-tae because he stole her family's happiness by framing Dong-pil (Park Ho-san) as a murderer, which led to Jen-ni (Jin Ji-Hee) becoming suicidal. However, Ro-na (Kim Hyun-Soo) saved her and now, Ma-ri feels as though she should protect Ro-na by avenging her mother's death. For Yoon-cheol (Yoon Jong-Hoon), this is his only shot to be the father Ro-na never had.

Seeing that she is his daughter, he is now determined to end Dan-tae for killing Yoon-hee. Plus, he finds out that Seo-jin was also involved and that Eun-byeol (Choi Ye-Bin) has still been taking the drugs that are destroying her memories. As a father, he now is compelled to protect them both. 



While these four have already united to take down Dan-tae and Seo-jin once and for all, one final member joins the mix. Dong-pil has enough reason to end Dan-tae, but seeing that he is so close to him, he fears his family's safety because he knows what Dan-tae is capable of.

He even plans a getaway for him, Jen-ni and Ma-ri to move to Italy and start over. But Ma-ri refuses because she needs to help Ro-na get justice. Dong-pil seems to have lost his family, as they all want to fight Dan-tae against his wishes. But in an emotional scene, a drunk Dong-pil is helped by Ro-na. She shows him a video of Jen-ni and tells him that his daughter is doing well and that she still loves him. Her kindness so moves Dong-pil that he decides to take the ultimate risk and fight for his family by facing Dan-tae once and for all.

What do you think? Do Logan, Su-ryeon, Yoon-Cheol, Ma-ri and Dong-pil have what it takes to end Dan-tae and Seo-jin once and for all? Tell us in the comments below! 

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