'Selling Sunset': Christine's style statement wins fans even as haters can't stand her

'Selling Sunset': Christine's style statement wins fans even as haters can't stand her
A still from 'Selling Sunset' (Netflix)

Netflix's latest release 'Selling Sunset' is all in for the catfights, drama and some sweet revenge as the girls in The Oppenheim Group gear up to earn more dollars through the new season. The show is about Hollywood's top realtors competeing against each other to get better offers into selling multi-milion dollar houses in the city of Los Angeles. 

The recent season of the show, spins a different story for Christine, for whom Season 4 did not really end so well. The star has now gained a fair amount of supporters and an equal number of haters. Although her blingy, not-so-generous personality is hated by many, people swear by her when it comes to her game in the fashion line.


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One fan of the show tweeted, "Christine is delusional but that girl gives fashion Chrishelle is the real villain and fake Emma, Davina and Amaza are annoying Maya and Vanessa. .yawn #SellingSunset". "I honestly question anyone that think Christine is a victim and doesn't deserve the other girls anger. The only thing she offers is good fashion sense. #sellingsunset," pitched in another.

It's fair to say that her gothic style through the seasons has only improved with time and she delivers drama with style. People are in awe with her recent outfits in Season 5, claiming the girl has got her act together when it comes to styling her outfits. One fan added, "Only thing I like about Christine is her fashion/wardrobe #SellingSunset".




There's always two sides to a coin; so as much as there's love pouring in from all sides for Christine on her outfits, she is being slammed for flaunting these outfits as a return for marrying someone rich.

Chritine sure does behave that she remains unbothered, as she dresses her way through problems like the classics Christine she is. 


Season 5 of 'Selling Sunset' streams exclusively on Netflix.

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