Five times Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn stunned with her iconic outfits

Five times Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn stunned with her iconic outfits
Christine Quinn (Netflix)

‘Selling Sunset’ on Netflix is probably one of the best things one could binge-watch during the lockdown. The boss women of the show make million-dollar deals while strutting down mansions, making a fashion statement with every step, so what's not to love?

While all the women of The Oppenheim Group are impeccably dressed, there can be only one ‘Quinn’. Christine Quinn's outfits are always served up with a hefty helping of attitude and OTT glamor. Her platinum blonde tresses and trademark smirk in place, you'll know that she dresses to kill. Walking about the polished floors of Hollywood mansions, her stilettos will inspire any woman in her right mind to want to slip on a pair of Louboutins and head to get a real estate license. Not to forget, she's sold homes in Louis Vuitton leggings, off-white blazers and even a Balenciaga sweater. This 'queen of mean' has her fashion game on point.

So, in honour of Christine's unapologetic 'extra-ness' and the fact that we're having withdrawals as we desperately await Selling Sunset's season four, here’s a deep dive into the real estate agent-turned-reality-star's five most iconic looks.

The rainbow jacket and feather hat


Christine met Mary Fitzgerald for a coffee catchup in this super casual getup. (Netflix)

Christine met Mary Fitzgerald for coffee in this super casual getup. Her felt hat had feathers hanging from the back, and she had on a furry rainbow jacket. Look forward to recreating this look for your next Gay parade. Her campy and colorful rainbow fur was easily one of the show's most memorable looks and the fact she wore it for a regular coffee meet is fierce! 

Goth Barbie


Christine's sparkly black Galia Lahav 'winter wonderland' wedding dress. (Netflix)

Of course, Christine was not going to wear a white dress to her wedding. The non-traditionalist opted for a black gown on her big day. Saying she's always thought of herself as a bit of a "Goth Barbie”, we can never talk about Christine’s style statements and not talk about her wedding dress. Christine's sparkly black Galia Lahav 'winter wonderland' wedding dress was probably the best thing people witnessed in 2020. The ballgown featured a sheer black bustier top with off-the-shoulder straps, shimmering details, and black roses embroidered from the top all the way down through the tulle bottom. Every element of the dress sparkled with detail. The supertight dress has a flattering mermaid shape with mesh cutouts down the legs.
Miss Harley Quinn


Christine Quinn walks into the office in this neon number. (Netflix)

Heather says, “You look like the Joker.”
Christine agrees, “Thank you. I feel like it all the time!"
As she shows up in her electric lime sweater, fluoro cat-eye shades and asymmetrical tennis skirt. She also had neon shades and a bright yellow bag. She looked like she just walked out of a comic-con. Isn’t she daring!


Paint me turquoise


Of botox and burgers and suits, Christine wears this number for open house. (Netflix)


For her 'Botox and burgers' themed open house, Christine chose a beautiful turquoise blue suit and bright orange pumps. It’s really amazing when women can pull off bright coloured suits, the perfect combination of professional and playful. With a plunging neckline and her long blonde hair straightened and left open, Christine looked sharp.


Pristine Christine in white


Christine wore this white number and choker to show Queer Eye's Karamo a home. (Netflix)


Christine embraced the colour white in this wide-legged pantsuit she wore to show Queer Eye's Karamo a home. It might look like Christine pulled something out of a closet of one of the other ladies in the show, but the choker with the cascading ombré fringe and the fingerless lace had Christine written all over it. It was a nice change for Christine to look that Pristine.


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