'Seeking Brother Husband': Mike has second thoughts about Eliza being with another man

'Seeking Brother Husband': Mike has second thoughts about Eliza being with another man
'Seeking Brother Husband' star Mike to start doubting polyandry relationship with Elisa (TLC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: TLC's 'Seeking Brother Husband' has just started and so far, the episodes were a mixture of jealousy, fights and love as well as lust. Similar to other husbands on the show, Mke is also unsure whether he is ready to accept sharing his wife with other men.


In the upcoming episode of 'Seeking Brother Husband', we will see Eliza going on a date leaving Mike at home. After being left alone Mike starts having second thoughts about polyandry, which only gets worse when Eliza's mother grills him. Keep reading to know all the details.


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'Seeking Brother Husband' star Mike doubting polyandry relationship with Elisa (TLC)
'Seeking Brother Husband' star Mike has second thoughts about welcoming another man into his and Eliza's life (TLC)

Will Mike back out?

Mike is not ready to share his wife with other men. Though he has been open to accepting Eliza dating other men, he is not ready to see her getting intimate with them. Therefore, he did not accept the option of having two bedrooms and started living in different rooms so as to build the habit. In the upcoming episode, Mike will ask a serious question to Elisa that will make viewers wonder whether he was comfortable with polyandry. He asks his wife, "What if one of us changes our mind about not wanting to continue to date, other people?" Eliza replies, "Huh?" Does this mean Mike is having second thoughts about a polyandrous relationship? Things are about to turn even more tricky for him.

'Seeking Brother Husband' star Elisa's mother asking questions (TLC)
'Seeking Brother Husband' star Eliza's mother asks Mike some searing questions (TLC)

Eliza's mother makes Mike doubt his marriage

In the preview clip of the upcoming episode we see Eliza's mother asking Mike, "Would you have chosen this lifestyle, if she hadn't cheated on you?" To this Mike seemed pretty confused while he looked toward Eliza. Even though he didn't answer in the preview clip, it seems his answer will be "No." It does not seem he would have chosen to try out polyandry if it would not have been for Elisa. 

It will be hard for Eliza and Mike to make her mother accept the concept of polyandry. On the other hand, Mike parents were not shocked that Eliza wanted to have multiple husbands as they always knew she was a cheerful woman who loves to explore. 


The new episodes of 'Seeking Brother Husband' Season 1 air every Sunday at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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 'Seeking Brother Husband': Mike has second thoughts about Eliza being with another man