Why is Carl avoiding sex with Kenya? 'Seeking Brother Wife' star sparks BIZARRE theories about his health

Why is Carl avoiding sex with Kenya? 'Seeking Brother Wife' star sparks BIZARRE theories about his health
'Seeking Brother Wife' fans wonder why Carl Stevens avoids sex with Kenya K Stevens (Instagram/@tlc)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: TLC has just dropped 'Seeking Brother Husband' on the screen. And it has already become the talk of the town. Well, guess who is turned most of the heads around, it's Kenya K Stevens, Carl Stevens and Tiger Moonstone's relationship.

Kenya has been married to Carl for 12 years now. Now it seems that the couple's relationship has got a bit rusty. Kenya claimed in the show that she and Tiger are not much sexually active. Indeed, to spark up the things Tiger has come into Kenya's life. 'Seeking Brother Husband' fans are astonished to see Carl have no issue with his partner having a sexual relationship with another man. Well, jealousy comes naturally, but in Carl's case, it's not the same. We saw Carl saying in the recently released episode that Tiger and Kenya have a 'primary sexual relationship.' Seeing Carl sleep in a different room that than Kenya's fans wonder why Carl is preventing sex. Is everything ok? Keep reading to know the answer.


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'Does Carl have a medical condition preventing him from sex?'

Carl does not mind Kenya and Tiger sleeping in one room together. Instead, he is all fine with hopping into his bedroom alone. Moreover, Carl even confesses that his wife has more sexual involvement with Tiger as compared to him. Listening to this, a fan took to the Reddit thread to discuss what's wrong with Carl. The viewer wrote, "Tiger and Kenya having the "primary sexual relationship". Why isn't Kenya sleeping with Carl? Does Carl have a medical condition preventing him from having a consistent sex life? I don't get it. I would want to alternate nights or something!" Another decoded the matter, "She said she wasn't in love with him anymore and it looks like he isn't in love with her either. It sounds like he just wants to do his own thing and this lets him have that. He's the only man who seems genuinely fine with this arrangement." A fan took Carl's side and claimed, "Carl stated that he’s an introvert. I’m not one to be introverted with my partner, but I get him wanting his own space away from everyone else." Another snapped back to this, "Right but it doesn't even sound like he's having sex with Kenya. Bizarre."


'Carl probably had enough of Kenya'

Seeing Carl show no interest in Kenya and Tiger's relationship, a fan tweeted, "Carl probably had enough of Kenya. He like let someone else deal with her. But are they married? I missed that part. I know there's kids involved." "Carl is just there for a check he’ll probably leave after the show," commented another. A viewer wondered, "Why is Carl still there?!!" "Carl is probably discreetly doing his own thing. He is completely uninterested in whatever Kenya and Tiger are doing with a 3rd, 4th or whoever," internet theorizes Carl not showing interest in Kenya anymore. Another seemed to have stalked Carl and found, "If any of you have ever followed Kenya on IG you’d know Carl has another wife also and girlfriends. Neither of these men are homosexual." 









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 Why is Carl avoiding sex with Kenya? 'Seeking Brother Wife' star sparks BIZARRE theories