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'Seeking Brother Husband': Will Kim's new husband jeopardize her relationship with Dustin and Vinson?

'Seeking Brother Husband' star Kim Brewer Allen struggles with her husbands' jealousy
Kim Brewer Allen struggles with her husbands' jealousy (TLC)
Kim Brewer Allen struggles with her husbands' jealousy (TLC)

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: TLC is bringing a new and thrilling spinoff of 'Seeking Sister Wife' after its massive success. Notably, 'Seeking Brother Husband' slightly shifts the genre from polygamy to polyandry. TLC fans will get to see the complete opposite side of plural relationships that they had witnessed earlier.

'Seeking Brother Husband' introduces four polyandrous couples and trios as they navigate the ups and downs of adding additional husbands. Among them are Kim Brewer Allen, Dustin, and Vinson Cornett who struggle to navigate boundaries and life-changing decisions. Read more to know about the trio.


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Who are Kim Brewer Allen, Dustin and Vinson Cornett?

Kim and Dustin hail from Asheville, North Carolina. The loved-up couple has been married for twelve years. Kim, who originally belongs to Sullivan, Indiana, writes blogs under the name of 'Soliloquy of the Soul.' Kim describes herself as a 'truth seeker, a soul speaker, and a lightworker.' The TLC star pens her journey with the hope to help others. Kim was a strong, active, vocal Christian since she was young. Kim has always been a writer and traded her old lock-key journal for a blog back in college. Since then, she has been documenting her life through blogs. Kim has studied religions and philosophies, astrology and divination, and health and wellness. Kim and Dustin share a sweet little daughter and they rarely share a glimpse of her. Meanwhile, Vinson is their first brother husband and has a great relationship with both of them. Vinson loves to keep his personal life out of the sight and that's why he hasn't any updates on his social media. Vinson shares selfies and stunning photos of two little princesses.


What sparked jealousy between Dustin and Vinson?

Kim struggles with her both husbands, Dustin and Vinson as she navigates a new relationship. 'Seeking Brother Husband' star tried to provide a safe and accepting space for Vinson and Dustin but he is not sure he's ready to share Kim with anyone beyond the three of them. In the latest trailer of TLC's upcoming show, Kim burst into tears after she struggles to be there for both of her husbands. Dustin revealed in the trailer that  Vinson was the first man he let Kim be with. However, further, in the confession, Dustin said, "I was watching my partner fall for another man right before my eyes." Meanwhile, when he was asked, "Are you OK with her sleeping with other men?" Dustin replied, "Most of the time." Kim tried hard to work things out with her partner Vinson. At one moment, Kim breaks down into tears and told Vinson, "I wish I could be everything that you need. But I can't." However, to find out whether Kim's relationship with both her husbands actually worked out, tune in to TLC on 26 March 2023.

Kim Brewer Allen struggles after her husbands spark jealousy (TLC)
Kim Brewer Allen struggles after her husbands spark jealousy (TLC)

'Seeking Brother Husband' airs new episodes every Sundays at ET on TLC.