Are Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart dating? TRUTH about rumored romance between duo

Are Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart dating? TRUTH about rumored romance between duo
Scott Disick (L) and Kimberly Stewart (R) share a 'platonic' relationship, as per sources (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

Scott Disick was recently spotted with Kimberly Stewart and her family, and fans may have caught hints of a brewing romance between the two. They were seen hanging out at an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, apart from their previous public appearances in Malibu and the Miami beach.

Upon getting pestered with questions, Kimberly's mother, Alana Stewart, let the cat out of the bag by revealing that they are just friends. However, that is not the only take away from their current relationship status. Some seven years back, in 2015,  the two were reportedly "hooking up" with each other after attending parties of mutual friends, right after Scott and Kourtney Kardashian split for the third time.


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After Kimberly started to get upset over people getting to know of the rumored relationship, she decided to back off and reportedly asked Scott to "cool down". She was known to be great friends with both Kim and Kourtney back then as well. Cut to a few years later, the duo was seen together making not-so-private getaways to exotic eateries.

However, even after multiple signs of "being together", the two of them are apparently in a wholesome, platonic relationship with each other. In an interview with HollywoodLife, a source said, “Scott is friends with the entire Stewart family, not just Kimberly. He’s known them for years and has hung out countless times with her brother and dad, too.”

“At this point, Scott and Kimberly have more of a sibling-type relationship, and the romantic aspect just isn’t there. There is no attraction there, and Scott looks at Kimberly like a sister," the little birdie added. Speaking of their recent outings together, Kimberly, who owns The Realm—a home organization and space curation company—recently took up Scott's house as her project.

The insider said, “Kimberly recently finished some work for Scott reorganizing his home, so they’ve been spending more time together, but it’s totally platonic. There is no attraction there, and Scott looks at Kimberly like a sister. ... It's totally platonic."

Apart from being involved with Kimberly in a working capacity, Scott also shares a professional connection with her brother, Sean. The same source revealed, "Scott has been helping Sean with his new clothing line, Dirty Weekend.” This connection with the entire family is one which is decades old apparently and Scott and the Stewarts have been childhood friends.


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When speaking to PEOPLE, Alana said, “Scott and Kimberly and Sean are great friends, and they have been for many years, and Kimberly and Sean love Kourtney." If reports are to be believed, Scott is still single and texts girls "whenever he wants to hang out with them." 

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