Who is Scott Baio's wife? Actor met Renee Sloan at the Playboy Mansion

In light of the controversial tweet over the Sandy Hook shooting, here's a look at how Baio has stuck by his wife through thick and thin

                            Who is Scott Baio's wife? Actor met Renee Sloan at the Playboy Mansion
Actor Scott Baio has defended wife Renee Sloan on Twitter (@realscottbaio/Instagram)

Actor Scott Baio is back in the news, and it's not for work on screen. On October 4, the actor took to Twitter to vigorously defend his wife, Renee Sloan, over an explosive conspiracy theory about the Sandy Hook elementary shooting. Baio ignited a firestorm after retweeting a theory that alleged one of the victim's mothers was portrayed by an actress, which quickly led to backlash. Despite apologizing, the fury continued with people even targeting Sloan. That led the actor to hit back, as the battle on Twitter escalates.

The controversy is not the first time Baio has been slammed online. Back in December 2020, he made headlines for boycotting a 'Happy Days' reunion fundraiser for the Democratic party. His absence was widely mocked at the time, while others celebrated the news. Months before, Baio joined the long list of Trump loyalists who backed the then-President and his calls for a recount after the 2020 Presidential elections.


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With Baio's wife now involved in the latest controversy, we thought it would be a good time to revisit their relationship. Here's a look at how the duo met, and how Baio stuck with Sloan after going through a very long list of girlfriends, and one engagement. 


Scott Baio-Renee Sloan timeline

Dubbed the 'legendary bachelor', Baio went through a long list of girls before Sloan. From Denise Richards to Brooke Shields, and Jodie Foster to Heather Locklear, Baio's list of girlfriends could have rivalled James Bond, but few captured his heart like Sloan. The duo first met at the Playboy Mansion in the 1990s, where he was a regular visitor. They stayed friends over the decades before they began dating in 2005. 

Unlike his previous relationships, this one stuck all the way to the alter - the duo got married in a rooftop ceremony at a luxury high-rise in Los Angeles on December 8, 2007. The wedding came just a month after Sloan gave birth to the couple's first child Bailey, who was born prematurely. Unfortunately, Sloan was pregnant with twins but lost one of the children during the 11th week of her pregnancy. Undeterred, the duo tied the knot in what would prove to be a very consequential marriage.

Shortly after she was born, Bailey tested positive for a very rare metabolic disorder - glutaric acidemia type I. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false positive, but it inspired the couple to start the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation for other families who are dealing with metabolic disorders. The couple's challenge didn't stop there though. In 2010, Sloan was first diagnosed with breast cancer, but she managed to beat it after being diagnosed very early.

In 2015, the couple faced another setback after Sloan was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumour. In 2017, Sloan revealed she was battling two tumors, as well as Microvascular Brain Disease. With Baio at her side, Sloan has been battling the health issues and so far appears to be doing well. That is until she was targeted for Baio's tweet.


Sloan attacked, Baio rushes to defend her

Shortly after Baio's retweet, many Twitter users rushed to poke fun at Sloan as well. The trolling reached a very low point after singer and songwriter Richard Marx joined in, tweeting a story about Baio's tweet with the hashtags "#RapeyLittleTwerp #Scum." That led Sloan to post a series of tweets in response, which she concluded with, "I wish you would stop this. Plz leave me out of your online social media fights. I live with serious medical problems & don't wish for you to continue making me your target. Also, Scott proved he never raped or abused anyone. This is defamation. Thank you."



Baio got involved as well after another user replied to Marx, "You're such a POS! Attacking a cancer survivor, a woman with tumors, and a victim of sexual abuse. What are you on? Seriously? Get help. Leave @MrsScottBaio Alone. Sick man!" Baio retweeted that tweet and said, "Pretty low to target my wife @richardmarx. Do you feel better now?"



Since Baio's retweet of the theory, the couple has been independently battling trolls, who have also repeatedly targeted them over Baio's sexual assault allegations. However, through all the lows, it appears the couple is still going strong, a testament to their relationship that has lasted over three decades now.

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