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Who is Milo Ventimiglia dating? A look at the affairs and relationship history of ‘This is Us’ actor

He hasn't tied the knot with anyone as of now but has had a number of relationships with his co-stars
Milo Ventimiglia (Getty Images)
Milo Ventimiglia (Getty Images)

Milo Ventimiglia can make your heart flutter in just one glance. Adored for playing Jack Pearson in the much-loved tearjerker ‘This is Us’, the 43-year-old stepped into the tinsel town at 18 with a gay character in a short film named ‘Must Be the Music’. He soon landed a role on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and then stole the spotlight after he starred in ‘Gilmore Girls’. The rest is history.

Shedding light on his dreams of being a movie star to transitioning into a TV actor, he told W Magazine in an interview, “I think being a kid, you always think about being a movie star. And then as I got older, I started thinking about just the work. You know, I didn’t need to be a movie star to be a part of great work, to play a great character. And I was getting good parts, and there were great casting directors that I got to know over, you know, 20-some years who would continue to bring me in. And then it would turn into a job, and another job and another job.”

As he continues to captivate fans on ‘This is Us’ as Jack, here's a glimpse of his real love life and dating history.

Milo Ventimiglia (Getty Images)

Who is Milo Ventimiglia?

Growing up in the home to the Disneyland Resort, Milo Anthony Ventimiglia was born July 8, 1977, to Carol and Vietnam War veteran Peter Ventimiglia. The youngest child in the family, he grew with two sisters, Leslie and Laurel. He damaged his facial nerves and had an immobile mouth — much like actor Sylvester Stallone. Interestingly, both shared the screen in ‘Rocky Balboa’. Stallone once said, “I thought if Rocky and Adrian had a child, (Milo) would be a perfect offspring. He sort of resembles her and (looks like) he'd be intimidated by Rocky.”

Talking about his childhood aspirations, Ventimiglia confessed in an interview, “I was either going to be an actor, a naval aviator, or a pediatric surgeon. Those were the three things that I wanted to do. I wanted to help kids, I wanted to fly jets, or I wanted to just be an actor. And acting kind of took over. I was 18 when I got into the business. I had a couple of auditions. Actually, the very first audition I ever had was for a movie called ‘Radio Flyer’ (1992), when I was 12. Elijah Wood got the role I auditioned for.”

Milo Ventimiglia (Getty Images)

A look at his affairs and relationships

Milo's character, Jack Pearson, soon became the dream husband in no time and fans can't help but wonder if he is married in real life too. Well, he hasn't tied the knot with anyone as of now but has had a number of relationships with his co-stars earlier.

Alexis Bledel 

Milo Ventimiglia fell in love with Alexis Bledel while the two were working in ‘Gilmore Girls’. The two began dating in 2002 and their romance soon made headlines. Did you know the two even discussed marriage at one point? Bledel hinted at wedding bells ringing in the future in a 2005 People interview, saying, “I think everybody who has been dating for more than a couple of years probably talks about it at some point. It's a fun thing for us to talk about, but that's it — it's down the road.”

Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel (Getty Images)

Fans rooted for the couple who were also famous for their TV characters — good girl Rory Gilmore and bad boy Jess Mariano — but the two sadly split four years later in 2006. The break-up broke millions of hearts and while they never revealed the reason behind the split, they reunited for a stint on ‘Gilmore Girls' reboot, 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ later.

Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel (Getty Images)

Hayden Panettiere

One year later, love knocked on Milo Ventimiglia's door again when he started dating his co-star from ‘Heroes’. Hayden Panettiere was 18 and Ventimiglia was 30 when romance blossomed. In an interview, when he was asked what was attractive about Panettiere, he joked, "Ask me August 21 (when Panettiere turns 18), and I'll tell you a zillion things." Panettiere said, "He's like the big brother," adding, "He'll always raise an eye when he passes to let me know he's watching, and that makes me laugh." But the two split after two years of dating.

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere (Getty Images)

After their break-up, he said no to mixing business with pleasure. “Never do it again,” Ventimiglia told Mr. Porter when asked what he learned from his experience. “There are things that happen to you in your life that shape who you are. Everything I’ve been through from jobs to friendships to partnerships, everything has built me into who I am. You learn from it. You learn a better way of doing things,” he continued. “It wasn’t until my mid to late twenties that the job wears on you, relationships wear on you.” He also added, “I wouldn’t change a thing... When you get knocked over the head in life, it builds your perspective.”

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere (Getty Images)

Currently, single, the actor said in another interview, “I’m sure I’ll be a father when I’m meant to be a father. If I never have kids, then I was never meant to have kids as well. I think there’s a societal norm where you get married, you have a family, you raise a family, you pass on yourself to that family. Then you pass on,” he said.