'Big Brother': Will Frenchie survive elimination? Fans say he's playing 'like a psycho'

'Big Brother': Will Frenchie survive elimination? Fans say he's playing 'like a psycho'
Brandon 'Frenchie' French on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

After Travis Long's elimination from 'Big Brother', tensions are running high in the house seeing that everyone is curious to know who are the two people who voted against Alyssa.

As more alliance forms with everyone trying to save themselves, all eyes seem to be on one person, particularly Brandon 'Frenchie' French. With Kyland as the new Head of Household, Frenchie will stop at nothing to ensure he is safe, even if it means running his mouth endlessly. But it turns out that might be doing more harm than good.


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When it came to Travis' elimination, the two people who voted for Alyssa instead of him were Derek F and Tiffany. However, no one in the house knows this information, seeing that they are staying as hush-hush as possible. However, Tiffany has more on the line since she voted against Alyssa on Frenchie's request, seeing that she owed him one after she was saved by Frenchie last week. But now, Tiffany is holding this information out as bait to see if Frenchie exposes her. The entire household seems to be thrown off by his behavior since Frenchie has been declaring that he is out of the house while making multiple alliances and being hot and cold in general. During the Wild Card Challenge, Frenchie decided to play on behalf of his team to secure his own spot. However, he ended up losing to Sarah Beth. 

The household wasn't the only one fed-up of his behavior, fans were done with Frenchie's antics too. "I ain't never quit nothin in my life, I don't plan on starting now. -Frenchie Well, that's another lie #BigBrother." tweeted a fan. "It's high time Big Brother do some serious psychological profiling on their contestants...this guy is nuts." added another. "Frenchie is a loose cannon. #bb23 #bigbrother23 #cbs #cbsbigbrother23 #cbsbigbrother23 #BigBrother," pointed out another.

"Frenchie has no one else but himself to blame for whats happening. He's playing big brother like a psycho #BB23," tweeted a fan. "Frenchie reminds me of Devon from bb16. Does more harm to his own game than any other houseguest ever could have. Why are you being so extra week 1 and 2?! Get him out! #BB23 #BigBrother #Bb23LiveFeeds #bigbrother23," said a fan. "French is the worst player of all-time...how do people like this get cast for this show? #BigBrother," added a fan. 







After talking to the entire household, Kyland decided to nominate Frenchie and Britni up for elimination. The latter was selected because of her loyalty to Frenchie, as Kyland explained during his confessional.

Britini D'Angelo as seen on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

While Frenchie saw this coming, Britini was livid and ready to wage war. What do you think? Will either of them win the power of veto? Or will Frenchie finally be kicked out? Sound off in the comments below!

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