What is Sam Darnold's net worth? Panthers QB was youngest recruit when drafted by the Jets

What is Sam Darnold's net worth? Panthers QB was youngest recruit when drafted by the Jets
Sam Darnold at SoFi Stadium on December 20, 2020 in Inglewood, California (Getty Images)

California Panther's Sam Darnold's love life might be a mystery, but the quarterback's net worth is definitely not. Having made quite the name for himself at the young age of 24, Darnold has become darling in this NFL season. According to Featured Biography, Darnold is enjoying a whopping multi-millionaire lifestyle, thanks to his earnings as an American professional footballer. 

Darnold began his career in football at the college level with the University of Southern California. He was then selected third overall by the New York Jets in the 2018 NFL Draft. Born in Dana Point, California, Darnold's grandfather Dick Hammer was a Marlboro Man actor, as well as a well known USC athlete back in the day. While Darnold's mother is a teacher, his athletic genes are shared by his older sister, who plays volleyball at the University of Rhode Island. He is known to his fans, not only for his impressive football skills, but also because of the huge financial payout he has received over the years for these skills. Read on to find out why everybody wants is awed by Darnold's net worth


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What is Sam Darnold's net worth?

According to the website Featured Biography, Darnold, 24, has a solid estimated fortune of $30 million. He managed to rake in millions when he signed his contract with the Jets three years ago. The website Players Bio also reports that Darnold kick-started the "youngest quarterback" trend within NFL teams, when he signed on with the Jets, also kickstarting good days for the team as they nabbed one young asset after the other.

Darnold had signed a 4 year, $30,247,715 contract with the New York Jets, including a $20,078,338 signing bonus in 2018. In 2021, Darnold will earn a base salary of $920,000 and a roster bonus of $3,854,685, Spotrac.com explains. He will also be carrying a cap hit of $4,774,685 and a dead cap value of $4,774,685, the outlet adds.



Darnold's interests outside of field

The same grandeur can be reflected on Darnold's social media accounts too. His Instagram is sprinkled with photos of travel, out-of-the-blue adventures, and photos with his teammates among other sport-related videos. With 205k followers, Darnold doesn't have the highest social media presence among the NFL stars, but the number of likes per photo is enough to add to his paycheck from Instagram. Arnold is also tight with his field-buddies Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills and Kyle Allen of the Washington Football Team. The three of them have been reported to often train together during the off-seasons as well. But when not blowing off some steam, Darnold is of course busy saving the day for the Panthers. So far, among his many awards and accolades is 2017's First-team All-Pac-12, the Rose Bowl Champion of 2017, the winner of the Archie Griffin Award for the year 2016, as well as the Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year title in 2016.

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