Sabrina Carpenter drops single 'Skinny Dipping', fans say she 'outdid herself'

'Sabrina literally changed completely what we all know as a society of what is skinny dipping,' a mesmerized fan commented about the song

                            Sabrina Carpenter drops single 'Skinny Dipping', fans say she 'outdid herself'
Sabrina Carpenter's 'Skinny Dipping' is her second single in 2021 after 'Skin' (YouTube)

Actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter took her fans by sheer surprise and joy as she dropped her latest single 'Skinny Dipping' on September 9, 2021. Her soulful voice paired with an equally beautiful music video mesmerized the audience who unanimously agreed that she 'outdid herself'. Directed by Amber Park, the 'Skinny Dipping' music video racked up over 1,23,200 views and 45,000 likes in 4 hours on YouTube. "Skinny dipping is literally reborn. She's reinventing herself, letting all the past behind and starting all over again, becoming someone new, someone with a purpose. Sabrina literally changed completely what we all know as a society of what is skinny dipping and gave it a whole new meaning and perspective, a beautiful and deep significance," a fan commented about the song. 

'Skinny Dipping' is the second single in 2021 released by the 'Girl Meets World' actress after she dropped 'Skin' in January this year. 'Skin' had emerged as a top favorite as it garnered more than 23 Million views and featured on trending charts. Fans now believe that 'Skinny Dipping' has even more potential to become a chartbuster sooner than expected. The song even climbed to the top 10 on iTunes in different parts of the world within hours of its release.


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Composed and sung in free verse, 'Skinny Dipping' has a profound essence to it, as we see Sabrina as the protagonist navigating a multitude of emotions in music. Initially seen as someone dealing with heartbreak, she soon unleashes her inner goddess and transcends into badass mode, as pointed out by many fans. 

"how did this music video go from sad b**ch sabrina to happy b***h sabrina to bad b***h sabrina and still work so well??? #skinnydipping" a fan tweeted.

Another fan appreciated the handwritten lyrics throughout the video, as they tweeted, "the little notes throughout the video are everything this is beautiful sabrina outdid herself #skinnydipping"

A third fan shared, "everything about it was just a masterpiece #skinnydipping #skinnydippingSabrina," while a fourth fan analyzed, "#skinnydipping do you think the words written in skinny dipping are lyrics of songs to come or Sabrina’s way of giving us some life lessons to hold on too?"

The general consensus about the song was summed up by this one fan who tweeted, "I love this song so much you don’t understand #skinnydipping"






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