Destination Jam: Showcasing Sabrina Carpenter's unique take on pop music with five of her best tracks

Check out our top five picks from Sabrina Carpenter to get you vibing

                            Destination Jam: Showcasing Sabrina Carpenter's unique take on pop music with five of her best tracks
Sabrina Carpenter (Getty Images)

Sabrina Carpenter, a singer and actress, who certainly deserves a whole lot more credit since her debut into the music industry, needs a playlist of her own. Entering into the pop music arena can often cause a rising star to get lost in the crowd with marketing that strictly favors a specific style or look. If you side-step with music that appears even a little different, you may not get promoted enough, and it is Sabrina's style on the genre that we love. Check out our Top 5 Sabrina Carpenter songs:


'Thumbs' is the third single featured on her sophomore studio album, 'Evolution', and was the first song by Carpenter to impact the charts, peaking at No. 1 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles. In the music video, shot all in one take, Sabrina is downstairs in a subway car and sings about embracing individuality and rising above mediocrity. The lyrics "They gonna keep on twiddling them thumbs" is a metaphor that means wasting your time doing pointless things without rising above or making any real progress.


'On My Way' (with Alan Walker and Farruko)

Not only a star with her own works, but Sabrina's collaborative music is also catchy in its own right. With vocals fit perfectly in other settings, particularly in Alan Walker's EDM track, 'On My Way', which is also joined by Farruko. "So take aim and fire away. I've never been so wide awake. No, nobody but me can keep me safe. And I'm on my way. The blood moon is on the rise. The fire burning in my eyes. No, nobody but me can keep me safe. And I'm on my way," sings Sabrina in a beautiful harmony of her own voice. With reggaeton star Farruko, 'On My Way' is a curiously addicting mix of EDM, pop and Latin-spiced music.


'Almost Love'

One thing you may notice a lot about Sabrina's music is the rhythmic style. There's a type of stripped-back, minimalistic approach to the instrumental choices. In 'Almost Love', you don't get harder punches on the percussive of the beat, but the accentuations are sounded by synth or additional instrumental layers. The result is a track that hits hard while remaining cheekily subtle.


'On Purpose'

We have to say, it is rather refreshing to see a huge pop star who doesn't promote her image with a need to show skin. Sexiness is not always about a body part but also has a lot to do with expression, movement and even the mystery of it all, and in the music video for her love song, 'On Purpose', Sabrina is fully covered, winter coat and all. Besides that, 'On Purpose' enters our list as it captures the sense of innocence and sweetness before committing to a new relationship that is often untraceable in contemporary pop music. 'On Purpose' is the lead single for 'Evolution' and received praise from critics for its endearing themes.


'Alien' (with Jonas Blue)

Another stunning collaborative track, 'Alien' features British DJ, singer-songwriter Jonas Blue. With many songs that would play well on a dance floor, 'Alien' is another notable addition. With a softer, snappy intro bursting into a high-energy dance chorus, this song showcases Sabrina's unique style. Sabrina's music is probably best described as songs that you can either bust a move on the dancefloor to or kick back and relax to with a pair of headphones on, and that sort of ambiguous mix is one of her best qualities.


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