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Super Junior member Ryeowook savagely dismisses Kwangya, fans say 'I don't blame him'

SM introduced their shared multiverse like the MCU for their own artists called Kwangya which has led to some struggle to understand it
Ryeowook talks about Kwangya (@SJofficial/Twitter)
Ryeowook talks about Kwangya (@SJofficial/Twitter)

It looks like SM Entertainment should have only given aespa the ‘Kwangya’ concept. The K-pop label announced their new multiverse project Kwangya through their new girl group, aespa’s debut. They later explained that Kwangya was the name of the SM Culture Universe where all of their artists were connected through the story-telling of their albums and music videos. But it looks like these artists and their fans are not really interested. 

From EXO-Ls pointing out that EXO already has the EXOPlanet universe to Girls’ Generation and TVXQ being confused, Super Junior is yet another SM group that is having a hard time understanding Kwangya. We first had TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun being completely clueless when they were asked what Kwangya was. Then during Super Junior’s recent comeback, Eunhyuk was extremely blunt as he confessed he did not get Kwangya and SM was trying to get their artists to fit in a concept that did not suit them. And now, Ryewook is the next Super Junior member to dismiss the SMCU concept.

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Ryeowook talks about Kwangya

During Super Junior’s latest comeback, member Ryeowook could not join and so fans wanted to see how he would personally react to the concept of Kwangya when asked by interviewers. Well, he did not disappoint. The K-pop idol recently came back with his third mini-album ‘A Wild Rose’ and came on the radio show ‘Noon Song of Hope’ to promote it on May 6. On the very same show, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun had talked about Kwangya and the DJ brought it up asking Ryeowook for his thoughts on it and if he believed in it.

In typical Ryeowook fashion, the Super Junior star was diplomatic and gave a convoluted answer that had fans amused. He said, “Kwangya…Well, that could mean many things. Like there's the poem Kwangya, by independence activist Yi Yuksa. There's also a restaurant around here called Kwangya. I think Kwangya is freedom. I am always promoting with a free mind.”

‘This is so Ryeowook’

Fans found it funny as one tweeted, “I don't blame him when Kwangya robbed us off a masterpiece like the actual Renaissance album and promotion, and proper promotion for Queen Burn The Floor.” Another ELF (Super Junior’s fan) posted, “He lives in B612 where there is bad Internet I don't think Kwangya would be trendy there.” One fan flexed, “Diva with a class.” Another added, “Savage King.” One ELF commented, “I LOVE HOW 2ND GEN COULDNT CARE LESS i love super junior.” Another said, “This is so ryeowook.”







One user wrote, “Poor guy, I understand how he feels. Just leave the imaginary worlds for the kids lost in a kind of interactive roleplaying game slash Marvel universe, and let the rest perform and enjoy their music in peace.” Another said, “Why can't SM just leave Kwangya with aespa?! It's so annoying for me to see these artists be forced into a concept that they nothing to do with in the past for so many years. The Kwangya concept only fits aespa.” One added, “Tbh it’d be more concerning if he did believe in kwangya.”


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