'MAFS' fans ask, is Ryan not into Brett; call him 'weird' for only talking about her hair

When asked what he likes about his wife, Ryan can't seem to think of answers beyond her hair

                             'MAFS' fans ask, is Ryan not into Brett; call him 'weird' for only talking about her hair
Ryan and Brett as seen on 'Married on at First Sight' (Lifetime)

For the couples of 'Married at First Sight', the real challenge comes after the wedding, when the couples have to finally settle into their lives as husband and wife.

So far, we've seen Myrla and Gil, Bao and Johnny, Jose and Rachel, Michaela and Zack and Brett and Ryan tie the knot. While the wedding ceremony and receptions done, the couples now had to deal with the hard part -- meeting the in-laws and friends.


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While most couples go for the family brunches all prepared to ask questions. However, when Ryan met Don and Nancy, Brett's parents, he had nothing to say or ask at all. Even when Don asked his new son-in-law about what he noticed when it came to his daughter. Ryan took far too long to answer a seemingly simple question and when he did respond, all he could seem to talk about was Brett's hair. When asked about his new wife, that seems to be his go-to answer and fans have started to pick up on the same.

"Ryan is clearly not into Brett. He's still bringing up her hair color instead of her being a quality woman #MAFS" tweeted a fan. "Who is gonna break it to Ryan that Brett ain't a redhead  #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" added another. "Ryan: Sometimes red hair good. Ryan: Sometimes red hair bad. #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight" joked another. 

"I'm sorry but why is Ryan still talking about Brett's hair? It's giving weird. Please move on #MAFS #mafsHouston" pointed out a fan. "Ryan is annoying me with the redhead comments. I can bet that down the line he will keep bringing that up. Smh #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS" stated another. 










There wasn't much to their conversation post this, and fans seemed done with Ryan's overall personality. "Why do they keep casting men with ZERO personality?! Watching Ryan is like watching paint dry omg  #MAFS" added a fan. "Ryan has the personality of a wet noodle. I hope Brett brings some excitement to his life. #marriedatfirstsight #MAFS" stated a fan. "Ryan is giving us nothing #MAFS" added another. 






However, when Brett met Ryan's mother Cheryl, sister Alexa and friend Ryan K., the latter did point out that Ryan is introverted but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. His friend pointed out that Brett might have to draw him out of his shell ever so often to get to the real Ryan. Even Alexa was hopeful for the couple, seeing that Brett was unlike any of Ryan's exes, seeing that she described them as 'potatoes', implying that while they were nice, they were also vapid. Brett seemed okay with the idea of having to dig in to find out who Ryan really is. 

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