'Married at First Sight': Did Myrla and Gil split? Spoilers hint at couple's divorce

Looks like Myrla and Gil might not make it through Season 13. Here's why

                            'Married at First Sight': Did Myrla and Gil split? Spoilers hint at couple's divorce
Myrla and Gil as seen on 'Married at First Sight' (Amber Charles/ Amber Charles Photography)

For the couples of 'Married at First Sight', having faith in the experts is essential, seeing that they are the ones who carry out the matchmaking process. While they set up people with similar lifestyles and requirements, they also tend to pair opposites, intending to help the other person grow. But this plan doesn't always work.

Last season, the experts set up Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs, despite their age gap. They believed that Erik would help tone Virginia down, while he would be the stability she had longed for. However, seeing that the pair had a problematic run and are now divorced, this method doesn't have the best success rate. And it turns out, the same applies to Season 13.


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Myrla has made it clear that she lives a high-maintenance life and is not willing to compromise when it comes to it. While Gil seems to be okay with enjoying finer things like travel, he does believe in living within his means. She was also vocal about not wanting a bald man for a partner, but thankfully, she warmed up to Gil's smile and kind eyes.

Although they've both made careers out of helping people, seeing that Myrla was a principal and is now a leadership coach while Gil is a firefighter, the way they live their lives might be far too different to make their relationship work. It definitely didn't help that Myrla wasn't a fan of dogs either, while Gil considers himself a dedicated dog dad. And it looks like the couple might not make it out alive. As per a thread on Reddit, a fan who knew one of Gil's friends/groomsmen asked if the couple was still together. This mutual friend confirmed that the couple was, in fact, not together. He mentioned that Myrla is 'awful' and that Gil was 'set up for failure'.

It turns out, that's not the only source that hints at the couple's breakup. Popular Instagram page @mafsfan recently posted a story about Myrla's wedding dress, seeing that she has listed it for sale for $6,440. While some fans speculate that this might not mean much, others are convinced that she probably ended things with Gil.

Myrla's wedding dress (Instagram/@mafsfan)

For now, the pair seem to be looking for common ground on the show. But by the looks of these spoilers, they probably had little success finding it. What do you think? Are Myrla and Gil together? Or will they end their relationship on decision day? Tell us in the comments below.

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