What does Ryan's gift mean? 'MAFS' star Brett charmed by his hilarious note before wedding

Ryan's thoughtful gift for his future wife Brett might have just been a winning move

                             What does Ryan's gift mean? 'MAFS' star Brett charmed by his hilarious note before wedding
Ryan and Brett on 'Married at First Sight' (Instagram/@mafslifetime)

Like it or not, most of the couples on 'Married at First Sight' end up divorced. The show has always had an iffy success rate and as you guessed it, it's more bad than good.

While the experts claim that the vetting process is comprehensive, the matchmaking process itself seems questionable, seeing that Season 12 saw couples like Jacob Harder and Haley Harris and now, we have couples like Myrla and Gil. However, there are some couples who do get lucky, especially in regards to what they want out of their marriage and looks like Brett and Ryan are on that list.


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Pre-wedding gifts can work fantastically well or terribly so. While Johnny loved Bao's hilarious note and thoughtful groom kit, Bao nearly walked out of the wedding, seeing Johnny got her sports jerseys and a photo frame. While there were no gift exchanges between Myrla and Gil or Michaela and Zack, one other couple did indulge in pre-wedding goodies. Ryan made sure his wife got a special package just before she could walk down the aisle.

For Brett, the whole day seemed overwhelming because as someone who has not kissed a man in two years and considers herself a hopeless romantic, she wants nothing more than to be in love. So when production handed her a gift from her future husband, she was all sorts of thrilled. Ryan was also thoughtful enough to get his future mother-in-law flowers, which had Brett in tears, seeing that this was a sign that he not only cared for her but was also attempting to show how important her family was to him as well.

Ryan and Brett on their wedding day on 'Married at First Sight' (Instagram/@mafslifetime)


When it came to her surprise, Ryan had gotten her a pair of shoes, along with a note that said 'Last Chance'. Brett and her bridesmaids found it hilarious, seeing that he was implying that this was her last shot at running away. Her family and friends unanimously agreed that maybe he is a good match for her, despite not having met her.

The shoes were an interesting gift, seeing that Ryan has mentioned that he hopes his wife is fit because he enjoys outdoor activities and hopes to indulge in the same with her. He also wants to be a young dad to be an active part of his kids.

Brett was thrilled at her husband's thoughtful gesture and witty note and is more than ready to walk down the aisle, seeing that the hopeless romantic has been waiting to fall in love. Do you think Ryan and Brett will have a happy marriage? Or will the couple's need to be in love cause them to overlook some major red flags? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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