Does Myrla earn more than Gil? Difference in income hints at trouble in 'MAFS' stars' future

Myrla takes pride in being high maintainence and Gil might have trouble keeping up

                            Does Myrla earn more than Gil? Difference in income hints at trouble in 'MAFS' stars' future
Myrla and Gil on 'Married at First Sight' (Instagram/@mafslifetime)

For the couples on 'Married at First Sight', the success of their marriage to a complete stranger often depends on just how much they have in common. Seeing that the screening process also involves telling the experts just what they want from a partner, it's usually a huge plus point when said partner checks all these boxes.

But, ever so often, the experts like to shake things up and match people they believe might just be a good fit. This was a theme quite rampant last season, seeing that Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs were matched together despite their age gap and Jacob Harder and Haley Harris were set up despite having nothing in common. And looks like Season 13 might see some drama of its own, between Gil and Myrla.


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Before the pair ties the knot, Myrla Feria made it abundantly clear that she is looking for a tall, dark, and handsome man. While Gil certainly checks those boxes, she also added that she wants someone bearded and that bald-headed men are a big no-no. And yes, you guessed right -- Gil is all about that clean shave and bald dead. But appearances aside, there might be more trouble brewing under the surface.

Myrla made it clear that she happens to enjoy the finer things in life and expects her husband to keep with a lifestyle. According to Reddit sleuths, she is a leadership coach for The New Teacher Project and makes a minimum of $200k. She also mentioned that she would not be compromising on her spending habits and lifestyle.

Myrla and Gil, 'Married at First Sight' (Instagram/@mafslifetime)

Gil, on the other hand is the life of the party and comes off as a kind-hearted individual. Although he is bald and not bearded, the bigger issue for the pair might be the fact that Gil makes significantly less money than Myrla does. Gil is a firefighter and while it's a noble profession, it isn't exactly a high paying one.

As per The Houston Fire Department, firefighters can make anywhere between $43,528 to $52,644, depending on their years of experience. While Captain, Communications Captain, Inspector, Investigator, Mechanic (5th - 9th year) make up to $64,273, which is the highest in the field. Although it's not known which year Gil is in, even if one assumes it's on the higher end, his income is clearly significantly less than Myrla's.

Redditors also pointed out that she was not pleased with the ring that production got for the couples, seeing that she wanted something far better and express the same to Gil. Combined with the fact that she was thoroughly unimpressed by the joined Bachelorette party as well, looks like Myrla and Gil are sure to face their fair share of issues this season.

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