Is Ryan cheating on Brett? 'MAFS' star confronts him about downloading a dating app

With a few days until decision day, Ryan has decided to move sooner than expected but gets caught red-handed

                            Is Ryan cheating on Brett? 'MAFS' star confronts him about downloading a dating app
Ryan and Brett in 'Married At First Sight' (Instagram/@mafslifetime)

For some people, falling in love is not quite hard -- they tend to wear their heart on their sleeves and are okay with being vulnerable enough to give in to the emotions. Having that sort of attitude definitely helps when signing on to a show like 'Married At First Sight', seeing that there is literally a time crunch when it comes to falling in love with your new spouse, who is basically a stranger.

For the Season 13 cast, the prospects of a 'happily ever after' are starting to look extremely bleak. With just days away until decision day, the couples have to make the all-important choice -- will they stay married or get divorced. And turns out, there might not be as many celebrations this time around. Between Johnny and Bao's complicated relationship and Zack and Michaela's explosive arguments, there is no reconciliation in sight. And while they haven't been as dramatic as the other, Brett and Ryan have been dealing with thier fair share of problems.


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Before tying the knot, Ryan was convinced that the process would be smooth sailing for him, as falling for people was not something he struggled with. After getting married to Brett, it seemed like the two had the potential to make it work. However, for Ryan, small differences between them seemed to bother him. The fact that Brett didn't enjoy flying or hunting or other things that were a part of his lifestyle had him convinced that it would be an issue later on. Although she most certainly tried to make things work, Ryan seemed closed off, insisting that she wasn't his type and that he couldn't bring himself to feel that way for her.

During the couples' ranch retreat, he did imply that they could share a room, however, by then, Brett was done trying to make things work and didn't reciprocate any of Ryan's potential feelings. And now, it looks like the two have truly tapped out of their marriage. Brett's friend informed her that Ryan was on a dating app and he matched with someone she knew. Brett openly confronted Ryan about this, to which he claimed he just downloaded the app and was not active on it.



Brett didn't believe him, stating that if he was not active, how did he manage to make a match. She asked him why he couldn't have waited until decision day to download the app, to which Ryan could only conjure up excuses. By the looks of it, the couple seems to be done and are ready to leave the marriage.

What do you think? Is Ryan lying about not being active on the app? Should he have waited till decision day to download it and start dating again? Sound off in the comments below!

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