'Rock The Block' Episode 3: Contestants will get judged for their first floor renovations

'Rock The Block' Episode 3: Contestants will get judged for their first floor renovations
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Do you love to binge on home renovation shows? If yes, then HGTV's 'Rock The Block' is back again on the screens with something new and more exciting for you. The show will feature different couples working together to renovate houses but within a given budget.

'Rock The Block' Season 3 Episode 3 has four such teams competing in a renovation battle. The houses that need a makeover in the new season are built by Hunter Quinn Homes in Berkeley County’s Nexton community in South Carolina. Earlier, in Episode 2 of Season 3, we saw how each contestant, along with their partners, renovated their living areas brilliantly. Each team, which comprises two HGTV hosts that specialise in either decor or renovation, is given a bare home with a 250,000 dollar market value. Then, it's up to these teams to redesign the homes and bump up the home's prices. Last week, it was David Bromstad and Tiffany Brooks who bagged the living room win. 


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The episodes have the most famous HGTV personalities as guest judges. The very first episode had Knight brothers as guest judges. After that, in Episode 2 of the show, Jasmine Roth judged the renovation of the living room. In the upcoming episode, 'Rock the Block' veteran Alison Victoria and HGTV star Page Turner will judge the contestants as they tackle the main bedroom suites on the first floor.

While the judges pick what they like, the audience also has their own faves. It is not uncommon for the judges' aesthetics to veer from the viewers' choices. For instance, in Episode 1, a few fans thought Mike and Egypt did the 'best' kitchen renovation. So, you might be eager to know who wins the third round of renovations by creating the most unique and eye-grabbing design. If you want to see if your choice matches the judges', remember to tune in!

'Rock The Block' airs every Monday on HGTV at 9 pm ET/PT

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