'Married To Real Estate': 5 things to know about HGTV show on real estate

'Married to Real Estate' stars property pros Egypt Sherrod and husband Mike Jackson

                            'Married To Real Estate': 5 things to know about HGTV show on real estate
A still from 'Married To Real Estate' (HGTV)

HGTV has always been loved by people who are crazy about everything home-related. So if you love to involve yourself in house flipping, interior designing, or even just vacationing home, the channel has got the perfect solution for you.

Although there is certainly no shortage of home renovation and designing shows, HGTV works on bringing out more and more gems every year. 'Married To Real Estate' is the latest show to join the bandwagon. The show will be starring one of the most famous stars like Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson, who were earlier also seen on many other HGTV shows like 'Property Virgins' and 'Flipping Virgins.' In the show, the husband and wife duo will be seen helping families to find and upgrade in their dream neighborhoods. Apart from this, you can also binge on other shows like 'Ugliest House in America' and 'Moving For Love.'


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When will 'Married To Real Estate' be released and where can you watch it 

'Married To Real Estate' will be airing on Thursday, January 13, 2022, at 9 pm EST. You can watch the show on the HGTV channel.

What is 'Married To Real Estate all about 

"Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson get clients into the dream neighborhood they never thought they could afford. By using their unparalleled real estate expertise, they'll make smart purchases and even smarter renovations while managing their busy family" reads the official synopsis.

Who stars in the upcoming 'Married To Real Estate 

The upcoming show will be starring Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson together.

Egypt Sherrod 

Egypt Sherrod is an American television and radio personality and a real estate broker who was born on November 16, 1976. Egypt is very well known for her works in various HGTV shows, including 'Flipping Virgins' and 'Property Virgins.' Apart from this, Egypt is also the CEO of the Atlanta-based Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.



The upcoming brand new HGTV show is produced by 51 Minds Entertainment.



"In the premiere episode, Egypt and Mike will tour two unique properties with a couple who is passionate about mid-century modern style ... Throughout the season, Egypt and Mike also will collaborate and compromise to manage their own personal and home projects, including building a basement design studio, searching for a new office space and creating a big girl bedroom for their youngest child."