'Ridley Jones: Season 2': 5 things you should know about the Netflix animated series

'Ridley Jones: Season 2': 5 things you should know about the Netflix animated series
A still from Season 1 of 'Ridley Jones' (IMDb)

'Ridley Jones: Season 2' stars an overly inquisitive kid called Ridley, and her group of friends who follow the family tradition of protecting the treasures of the Museum of Natural History. In addition, they have to keep the secret of the museum safe; everything comes alive at night! Could this be the animated version of the famous 'Night at the Museum'? Sure seems like it!

As of now, it is uncertain if we'll see a Season 3 of the animated series, but given that the series was actually given an upfront episode order, it’s highly likely. The Netflix special is also a favorite among the youngsters. What's not to love?



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When does 'Ridley Jones: Season 2' release and where can you watch it

Season 2 of 'Ridley Jones' is set to release on November 2, 2021. You can stream it on Netflix.

What is 'Ridley Jones: Season 2' all about

The official synopsis reads: "Curious kid Ridley and her friends protect the Museum of Natural History’s treasures and keep its magical secret safe: Everything comes alive at night!".

Who stars in the animated series?

Iara Nemirovsky as Ridley Jones

Iara Nemirovsky, born and raised in LA, has been in the spotlight since she was 7, making her professional debut as the band manager called Summer, in the 'School of Rock', the Musical. Iara was also featured in the musical called 'Ragtime at Pasadena Playhouse'. What's more, she is a member of the nation's youngest Shakespeare troupe as well!


Iara Nemirovsky (IMDb)

The rest of the cast includes Sutton Foster as Mama Jones, Laraine Newman as Peaches, Sainty Nelsen as Flo, Iris Menas as Fred, Ashlyn Madden as Butterflies, David Errigo Jr as Dudley, Tyler Shamy as Dante, Blythe Danner as Grandma Jones, Jane Lynch as Lonny, Chris Colfer as Kosy, Andrew Rannells as Aten, Carolina Ravassa as Mama Penguin, Yvette Nicole Brown as Thoebe the Sphinx, Bob Bergen as Mr. Peabody, and Amari McCoy as Younger Girl.



Chris Nee is both the creator and executive producer of the series. 




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