'RHOSLC' star Jen Shah claims she's treated differently over her 'brown skin'

Jen once again played the race card to get Heather to feel guilty and reconcile their friendship

                            'RHOSLC' star Jen Shah claims she's treated differently over her 'brown skin'
'RHOSLC' star Jen Shah (Bravo)

After burning all her bridges in Season 1 of 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' thanks to her highly charged temper tantrums, Jen Shah is busy trying to mend her friendships and relationships in the latest season of 'RHOSLC'. The housewife's affinity towards preaching loyalty and expecting it from everybody around her but not returning the favor rubbed off her co-stars the wrong way- especially Heather Gay and Meredith Marks.

While Jen upset Meredith by gossiping about her marriage and going on a social media rampage against Meredith's son Brooks Marks, she did something far worse to Heather. When all the ladies turned their backs against Jen, Heather was the only one who firmly stood by Jen's side and continued to be a true friend to the housewife. But Jen hurt Heather by declaring that she didn't trust her and labeling Heather as racist. During the reunion, Jen went off on Heather and her cousin Whitney Rose for calling her 'aggressive'. She preached about how her co-stars would never understand the struggles a person of color faces in Utah and called them out on their white privilege. Although Jen's attempts at gaining audiences' sympathy by playing race card fell flat the last time she tried, it looks like she still hasn't given up on it. In the recently aired episode of 'RHOSLC', the housewife once again played the race card to get Heather to feel guilty and reconcile their friendship.


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'RHOSLC' star Jen Shah (Bravo)

After icing out Heather for two months, Jen finally reached out to Heather to work on rebuilding their friendship. Although Heather accepted the invite she had a lot of questions for Jen. Heather wasn't pleased about her co-star sharing a story on her Instagram that called her racist. So when they met up Heather brought up the Instagram post and asked Jen for an explanation. Instead of acknowledging her actions and just apologizing to Heather, Jen brought in waterworks by crying saying that she felt like she didn't fit in with the rest of the ladies and was treated differently due to her 'brown skin'.

Jen continued to rant about how it isn't easy being a person of color in Utah and that nobody would understand her struggles. Heather gave in and agreed with Jen that she would never know the struggles of POC. But in her green room interview, the housewife pointed out that Jen was treated differently not due to her skin color but due to her temper. She joked that people walked on eggshells around Jen due to fear of her temper and that she was actually treated really well by everybody due to her temper issues.

'RHOSLC' star Heather Gay (Bravo)

You can watch the clip of Heather and Jen's conversation here.


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