'RHOSLC': Mary Cosby slammed for her racist comments, fans say she is biased against her 'own kind'

Fans slammed Mary Cosby for calling Jen Shah 'ghetto' and 'hoodlum'

                            'RHOSLC': Mary Cosby slammed for her racist comments, fans say she is biased against her 'own kind'
Mary Cosby and Jen Shah (Bravo)

During a fight with Mary Cosby, 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' star Jen Shah revealed some shocking things that left fans fuming at Mary. Things between Jen and Mary have been rocky since day 1 and it's only getting worse with each passing episode. Despite being upset at Jen's derogatory comments about her marriage, Mary wanted to put their differences aside and give their friendship another shot. So she invited Jen and the other ladies to a fancy MET Gala themed luncheon. She encouraged the ladies to speak up about their feelings and experiences. Jen went first and apologized to Meredith for speaking rudely to her and began explaining about her behavior.

Jen revealed how she only snaps at people she's closest to and declared that she says things many people are thinking in their head but might be too afraid to speak out. When Mary heard that, she immediately lashed back at Jen by saying that nothing that ever came out of Jen's mouth aligned with her thoughts or how she felt. The two ladies soon got into a huge shouting match at the table. During their fight, Mary called Jen 'hoodlum' and 'ghetto'.

Jen gets offended by Mary's choice of words and decides to expose her fellow housewife's racist side. She reveals how Mary told her a few months ago that if she sees a Black person at 7/11, then she avoids going into that store and instead drives to a different store without any Blacks to shop from. Jen calls out Mary for being racist toward her fellow Blacks despite being Black herself. 

In her green room interview, Mary admits that she associates grocery stores with violence and isn't comfortable entering any convenience store that is filled with Blacks. When fans heard about Mary's biases and prejudices against fellow Blacks, they called her out for being racist. A fan tweeted, "Weird question but like is Mary racist against her own kind? Is she the Candace Owens of Housewives? #RHOSLC." "#RHOSLC So black Mary can not go into a 7 11 when she sees black people. WTF is wrong with this b*tch," wondered a fan. "Did Mary have a party just to drag everyone? She is giving off some serious racist elitist vibes and she talks too much sh*t. Girl, please. Go home to gramps. #RHOSLC," pointed a fan.







Fans also slammed Mary for calling Jen 'ghetto' and 'hoodlum'. A fan shared, "Ghetto? hoodlum? when i see black people at a 7/11 i leave? im with jen on this one. those comments mary makes aren’t sounding too hot #RHOSLC." "Lemme get this straight Mary. Black people outside of 7/11 are ghetto, but taking back the bougie AirPods you just gifted someone isn’t? I just wanna be sure... #RHOSLC," observed a fan. "#RHOSLC Mary is a hypocrite, unspiritual & arrogant. How is she a pastor?! She comes off as super racist too. @TheRealJenShah Preach Jen! Mary's afraid of the 7-11?! She's only afraid when black guys are there. Mary really needs therapy to help her deal with her self-hatred," expressed a fan.







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