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'RHOSLC' Reunion Finale: Fans slam Jen Shah for calling Heather, Whitney 'racists' and not being accountable

When the host of the reunion Andy Cohen brought up the topic of Vegas, all hell broke loose, Jen went off on the ladies for calling her names and labeling her as 'aggressive' during their trip
UPDATED FEB 25, 2021
Heather Gay, Jen Shah and Whitney Rose on 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)
Heather Gay, Jen Shah and Whitney Rose on 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)

'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' star Jen Shah and her infamous temper have provided us plenty of entertainment throughout the season. So, during the third and final part of the reunion, the housewife decided to end the season with a bang by accusing her fellow housewives Heather Gay and Whitney Rose of being racists. 

When the host of the reunion Andy Cohen brought up the topic of Vegas, all hell broke loose. Jen went off on the ladies for calling her names and labeling her as "aggressive" during the trip. Jen then pointed fingers at Heather and Whitney and explained how calling a person of color "aggressive" is extremely insensitive and racist. From there the housewife went on ranting how the other housewives, aside from Mary Cosby, would never understand how persons of color feel when they are called aggressive or their voices aren't heard.


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Jen Shah (Bravo)

Jen then brought up how during the Vegas trip when they all went to visit the hypnotist, she had to spend four hours on the couch hearing from everybody about how she's a "bully" and an aggressive person, without allowing her to explain her side of the story. That event reportedly brought Jen's PTSD to the surface of growing up as a person of color in Utah, where she never had a voice or was allowed to express herself.

The housewife then brought up how the ladies calling a person of color "aggressive" could end up leading to some rather undesirable consequences. Jen brought up how a Black person is more likely to get in trouble with the law for merely being called aggressive as opposed to others. When Whitney tried pointing out that Jen threatened her on camera, the housewife snapped and began yelling at the ladies by pointing out how they would never know what it's like to be a colored person in Utah.

Whitney Rose (Bravo)

When Whitney and Heather continued to call out Jen for threatening and pointed out how she was being aggressive at that moment, the housewife lost her temper and began screaming that she wasn't there to educate them or teach them on how to talk to a person of color. But when Whitney and Heather refused to budge from their stance, Jen stormed off the stage and went to her dressing room. In the dressing room, the housewife cried to her husband over how none of the ladies on the stage would ever get how it feels like to be a person of color and all the issues they face on day to day basis.

She eventually got back on stage and tried to pacify the situation by saying that Whitney and Heather weren't wrong for calling her out, but just didn't appreciate their language and tone as it was very triggering. Heather and Whitney acknowledged their White privilege and also explained that they were ready to learn and make an effort to understand her.

Heather Gay (Bravo)

Unfortunately for Jen, her attempt at playing the race card against Whitney and Heather backfired as fans felt that the housewife was refusing to take accountability for her actions. A fan tweeted, "Jenn is using her “color” as a way to navigate not taking accountability for threatening the girls and being a fake b*tch. #RHOSLC." Another fan wrote, "Jen Shah is right. HOWEVER she has been aggressive and threatening. She refuses to take any accountability and that’s just the truth. #RHOSLC." "I don’t doubt that Jen has faced racism living in Utah as a woman of color but using that to deflect out of legitimate criticism from your peers is super inappropriate and feels reductive of that racism. #RHOSLCReunion #rhoslc," pointed a fan.