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'RHOSLC': Jen Shah slammed as 'toxic bully' for forcing Heather Gay to choose between Whitney Rose and her

Many fans were also surprised by how Jen expected Heather to take her side, knowing fully well that Whitney and she are cousins
Heather Gay, Jen Shah and Whitney Rose of 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)
Heather Gay, Jen Shah and Whitney Rose of 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)

Jen Shah's alleged immature behavior is definitely not winning her any favor among fans. The feisty housewife's over the top reactions and unpredictable temper has made her one of the most unpopular housewives of the franchise. 

After watching the latest episode of 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City', fans were fuming at Jen for trying to threaten her friend/ fan-favorite housewife Heather Gay into picking sides between Whitney Rose and her. Jen was upset with Whitney for ruining her husband's birthday party by telling her about a rumor she heard from Mary Cosby. The housewife was so angry with Whitney that she broke a glass and stormed out of the party screaming. 

Later, Jen went on to blame Whitney for causing discord in her marriage by ruining the birthday party. Whitney apologized to Jen and acknowledged that she picked the wrong place and time to share the information with Jen, but tried explaining that her intentions were never to hurt but only to be a good friend by repeating the rumor. Jen even forgave Whitney.

Jen Shah (Bravo)

But it looks like the forgiving was short-lived since, on the latest episode, she took Heather Gay shopping and there she confronted the housewife for constantly taking Whitney's side and sticking up for her. Jen angrily told Heather that she's putting her name and reputation at risk by standing up for Whitney. Heather was puzzled over why Jen was once again bringing up the issue when she already sorted things out with Whitney. Jen admitsted that she was still not completely over it, and kept trying to push Heather to pick either her side or Whitney's and stand by it.

Heather Gay (Bravo)

When fans saw this, they began calling out the housewife for her childish behavior. A fan tweeted, "Jen seems like a toxic friend to Heather. Seemed unfair for her to put Heather in that position to feel like she needs to choose between friends. #RHOSLC." Another fan wrote, "So wait, Jen not only wants Heather to go against Whitney, but for Lisa and Meredith to both ostracize Mary to please her too? Man listen -- if that isn't a clear display of absurdity and audacity, I don't know what it is. #RHOSLC | #WWHL." One fan said, "Jen REALLY needs to take it easy. Heather is better than me. Don’t bully me into choosing sides... #RHOSLC #RHSLC."




Many fans were also surprised by how Jen expected Heather to take her side, knowing fully well that Whitney and she were cousins. A fan expressed, "I just remembered that Heather and Whitney are cousins so HOW does Jen really expect Heather to be on her side #rhoslc." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "In sorry but Whitney is heathers cousin and that’s family ALSO Whitney apologized if you felt she ruined the party and if she upset you so why keep bringing it back up!? I’m confused lol  #RHOSLC." Another fan said, "I was thinking what a nice thing that Jen did for Heather. 2 minutes later...Yup. Irrational meltdown. Part of me wishes Heather would have got up & said, “keep your fucking shoes” before walking out. No friend will speak to me like that and I stick around to listen. #RHOSLC."




'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' airs every Wednesday at 10/9c only on Bravo.