Who is Mia Thornton's mother? 'RHOP' star Candiace Bassett calls her 'low budget'

Who is Mia Thornton's mother? 'RHOP' star Candiace Bassett calls her 'low budget'
'RHOP' stars Candiace Bassett, Mia Thornton and her mother (Bravo)

New housewife Mia Thornton is already finding herself entangled in drama. The new cast member on 'Real Housewives of Potomac' is currently on the outs with fellow housewife Candiace Bassett. Fans of 'RHOP' would know that messing with Candiace is equivalent to stirring a hornet's nest. Mia managed to rub her co-star the wrong way when she began questioning Candiace's finances and her marriage.

During the video shoot for Candiace's song 'Drive Back', Mia pulled the housewife's mother- Miss Dorothy to ask her several intrusive questions. The new housewife asked Dorothy if Chris Bassett, who is not only Candiace's husband but also her manager was getting paid by the housewife. She also asked several other questions about Candiace's marriage and if Chris being her manager was affecting their marriage. Wendy Osefo immediately told Candiace about Mia's conversation. Candiace was unhappy with Mia's behavior and decided to confront her about it at Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon's party in front of the group.


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An angry Candiace doesn't hold back when it comes to tearing down her opponents. The housewife slammed Mia for sticking her nose where it didn't belong and then took things a notch higher when she dragged Mia's mother into the argument. The new housewife called Candiace's music video shoot as 'low budget' as when she arrived at the venue for the shoot there was nobody to welcome her and was disappointed with Candiace's management team. Candiace took offense to it and threw back Mia's dig at her by calling Mia's mother 'low budget'. This obviously struck a nerve with Mia who is currently working really hard to reconnect and rebuild her relationship with her mother. The upcoming episode features Candiace and Mia getting into another explosive fight where the new housewife throws salad at Candiace as she continues to insult and call Mia's mother names. If you're curious to know more about Mia's mother then we got you covered.


'RHOP' star Mia Thornton's mother Miss Veronica (Bravo)

Who is Mia Thornton's mother?

Mia's mother Miss Veronica placed the housewife in the foster care system when she was really young. In an earlier episode, Mia's mother explained that after Mia accidentally ended up burning herself while cooking oatmeal during her absence, Veronica felt that Mia would be in a safer environment away from her. Mia's mother battled with addiction for a very long time and was even sentenced to 20 years in prison, although Mia didn't divulge the details of why she was sent to prison.


The housewife however revealed that her mother was released early and got out in 2015, following which she went to a rehabilitation center and then moved into the housewife's sister's home. Veronica revealed that she has been working hard to stay clean and rebuild a relationship with Mia. Although Mia still harbors some trauma and pain from how things transpired between her mother and her when she was younger, the housewife is ready to let go and reconnect with her mother.


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