Is Mia Thornton 'exploiting' her mom's trauma? 'RHOP' fans sure it's for storyline

'Is Mia asking her mom traumatic questions she already knows the answers to just so she can have a storyline? #RHOP,' wrote a fan

                            Is Mia Thornton 'exploiting' her mom's trauma? 'RHOP' fans sure it's for storyline
'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Mia Thornton and her mother (Bravo)

What makes 'Real Housewives of Potomac' one of the best 'Real Housewives' franchises is the way the ladies on the show keep everything real. The housewives never shy away from giving the audience a peek into their life and showcasing both the good and ugly side of their lives. New housewife Mia Thornton too wanted to give fans a peek of her life and decided to delve deeper into her childhood.

In an earlier episode, Mia revealed that she grew up in a foster home. Although she didn't go into much detail about why she was put in the foster system, the housewife, however, made it very clear that things haven't always been easy for her and that she had to work really hard to become a successful person. On the recently aired episode of 'RHOP', Mia met up with her biological mother and delved deeper into her childhood and learned more about her father from her mother. Although the housewife got her mother to bare it all when it came to her childhood, fans were unhappy watching the housewife's mother relive her trauma on camera and slammed Mia for cornering her mother into discussing her past on national television.


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Mia was meeting her mother for the first time after she got released from rehab. The duo met up for a casual brunch, but things became super intense pretty soon. Mia straight away asked her mother why she was put in foster care. Her mother then explained that she did what she thought was in Mia's best interests. When Mia grilled her mother further, she finally gave in and explained that she was introduced to drugs by Mia's father. She also asked Mia if she remembers the fire incident. The housewife admitted that she didn't remember all the details but had the burn marks all over her body as a reminder of it.

Her mother then narrated how when Mia was little she was trying to cook oatmeal for herself and ended up spilling it all over her body and sustaining second and third-degree burns. Mia's mother was at work at the time of the incident, when she received a phone call informing her about Mia's accident she was puzzled as the housewife was left under the care of her father. When Mia's mother reached home, she found her husband in the garage with another woman. 

Her mother also touched upon how her father's actions pushed her toward attempting suicide. 'RHOP' fans were horrified on hearing all these gruesome details from Mia's childhood and about her mother's life. Many felt that this conversation should have been in private and not be filmed for the reality show. Fans took to Twitter to call out Mia for using her mother's trauma for her storyline. A fan tweeted, "Is Mia asking her mom traumatic questions she already knows the answers to just so she can have a storyline? #RHOP." Another fan wrote, "I’m not here for Mia exploiting her mom for this surface level show #RHOP." "Not Mia dragging her mom out to brunch to spill her hurt and trauma for the cameras #RHOP," added a fan.




'RHOP' star Mia Thornton's mother (Bravo)


Another fan shared, "#RHOP Mia’s mother clearly did not want to tell her business on camera. Mia should’ve just let it go and her mom could talk about it in private with her if she really wanted to know." "Mia why did you put your mom on the spot on national tv? You have burns all over your body because of him so you know what your dad did to your mother an you! Healing isnt reminding someone of the past for tv ratings! #RHOP," seconded a fan. "I feel like Mia used that whole thing for for screen time. How did you not want to trigger your mom but then have her rehash some of the worst memories in her life?? That whole convo should have been done with a therapist and not cocktails #rhop," echoed a fan.




'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 6 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo. 

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