Did Dorothy pay for Candiace's and Chris' home? 'RHOP' fans call out 'nasty' behavior

Candiace Bassett's mom Dorothy never leaves any opportunity to badmouth son-in-law Chris and now she's even hinted at their house mortgage payments

                            Did Dorothy pay for Candiace's and Chris' home? 'RHOP' fans call out 'nasty' behavior
Dorothy on 'Real Housewives of Potomac' (Bravo)

Karen Huger might be the Grand Dame of Potomac, but Candiace Dillard Bassett's mother Mama Dorothy is also a pretty strong contender for the title. From micro-managing her daughter's life to constantly meddling in everything related to Candiace and Chris Bassett's marriage, Dorothy kept the audience entertained with all the steaming hot drama she bought.

The usually feisty Candiace had no choice but to keep quiet and allow her mother to have her way as Mama Dorothy was funding her lifestyle. Mama Dorothy not only shelled out her money to pay for Candiace and Chris' wedding but also let the newly-married couple stay in her townhouse. This meant that she constantly dropped into their home and drummed up some drama by criticizing the couple and their marriage. Candiace and Chris had enough of it, so they finally moved out of Dorothy's townhouse and got their own home hoping that it would cut down on some meddling and criticism from her end. Unfortunately, Candiace and Chris couldn't be more wrong. 


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'RHOP' star Candiace Dillard Bassett's mother Dorothy (Bravo)

After selling off his restaurant in 2020 due to pandemic, Chris took on the role of Candiace's manager aka 'husbanger'. As Candiace's career in showbiz was taking off she needed a manager to help her navigate the industry, so Chris stepped in to take on the role. Alongside his catering and cooking classes business, Chris was also managing Candiace's career. This new role is causing a lot of friction between the couple, but they are determined to make it work.

'RHOP' star Candiace Bassett (Bravo)

So when Candiace had to shoot for her music video she asked Chris to arrange for six cars for the video, but the cars failed to arrive leaving Candiace in the lurch. While Candiace was stressing over that, Dorothy was busy badmouthing Chris to the other housewives. She was complaining about how she has no idea what Chris was doing and agreed with Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant that he was getting too 'comfortable' and riding Candiace's coat-tails. She also complained to Karen that she didn't expect Chris to quit his job to become 'house husband' after their marriage. When the topic of money came up, she dropped another huge bomb when she subtly hinted at paying Candiace and Chris' new house mortgage. 

Fans slammed Dorothy for throwing her daughter's marriage under the bus in front of others. A fan tweeted, "I can’t STAND Candiace’s mother! She’s so messy to her own child!! Why would you air out my dirty laundry like that?? #RHOP." Another fan wrote, "Mama Dorothy is out of order spilling tea to the women about her daughter & son-in-law. #rhop." "Omg Dorothy is so so so nasty towards her daughter and son in law, it’s actually scary, the switch up #RHOP," seconded a fan.




Chris Bassett on 'RHOP' (Bravo)

Despite her nastiness, fans were also amused by how subtly Dorothy hinted at paying Candiace and Chris's mortgage. A fan shared, "I think we all knew Candiace wasn’t paying for that house or anything #RHOP."

"No tell us something about that Miss Dorothy. Who’s paying for the house!? Lol #RHOP," expressed a fan. "Miss Dotty said follow the mortgage payment checks. #RHOP," joked a fan.





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