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Why did Ted Cruz fly to Cancun? Truth behind family text messages and why he blamed his kids for the mistake

'It's pretty Ted Cruz of Ted Cruz to throw his own kids under the bus to justify his own callousness,' a user tweeted
Republican Senator Ted Cruz has found himself in a sea of controversies (Getty Images)
Republican Senator Ted Cruz has found himself in a sea of controversies (Getty Images)

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has landed in a sea of controversy after he flew with his family to Cancun, Mexico, while most of the state of Texas is reeling under a massive power outage and severe snowstorm. He did not make things any easier for himself after his return to his home state today, even though he admitted that the trip was "obviously a mistake", amid vehement public demand for his resignation. He ended up putting the blame for the trip on his daughters, adding that he was "wanting to be a good dad". However, the explanation did not go down well with the thousands of Texans who are still clueless about the electricity situation. 



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Why did Ted Cruz fly to Cancun?

In his latest statement, Senator Cruz revealed that he decided to accompany his daughters Caroline and Catherine Cruz, and his wife Heidi Cruz in their pre-planned post-pandemic trip to the Mexican city. He acknowledged his "mistake", hinting that he has now dutifully returned after two days to continue supporting his state that lurks in darkness and snow at the moment. 

Ted Cruz addressed the press to share his explanation of the trip and later tweeted a glimpse for the media address. 


Even in the video itself, people can be heard chanting 'Resign' in the background. However, it appears that Ted Cruz might not have been entirely truthful in his statement. Leaked text messages sent by his wife to the family's neighbors before the trip, show her asking if they wanted to join the Cruz family at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Cancun for a week, reported New York Times. In fact, she specifically mentioned that their house was "freezing" in her texts, suggesting Cancun as a getaway till Sunday, hopefully by when the situation would improve.

The texts leaked to NYT by an anonymous source also revealed that Heidi Cruz noted the room price ($309 per night) and "good security" at the hotel, where the family had reportedly stayed "many times". 

As Texans battled the lack of electricity, freezing sub-zero temperatures, and no running water, Sen. Cruz was spotted at the airport departure with his family on Wednesday, February 17. His office refused to divulge details about his whereabouts even after 12 hours following the emergence of the airport photos. 

Internet calls the chat leaker an 'American hero'

The internet has joined in with the Texans demanding the immediate resignation of Ted Cruz from his Senatorial position, citing gross misuse of power and resources, especially at such dire times. Meanwhile, the anonymous source who leaked Heidi Cruz's texts to NYT is being hailed as a true American Hero. 


"The protesters chanting “resign” while Ted Cruz is giving his pathetic response to leaving millions of Texans stranded, cold, hungry, and in some cases dying — are heroes..." noted basketball player Rex Chapman on Twitter. "Given today’s events, it is now clear how we unite this country: Send Ted Cruz to Mars," Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko commented hilariously. "Tonight's meditation: Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Visualize a beautiful beach. Hear the waves. Feel the breeze. Now imagine Twitter yanking Ted Cruz from it," tweeted another user. "It's pretty Ted Cruz of Ted Cruz to throw his own kids under the bus to justify his own callousness," writes ART TAVANA. "Millions of Texans struggle for drinking water following deadly winter storm, while Ted Cruz and family vacation in Cancun, as always Republicans turn their backs on the people they are voted in to protect and support," pointed out another user.