Did Ted Cruz fly to Cancun amid state emergency? Senator slammed as ‘uncaring seditionist’ by struggling Texans

Viral pictures on Twitter have convinced people that Senator Ted Cruz is 'fleeing Texas' while some said he was heading to Cancun as it's warmer there

                            Did Ted Cruz fly to Cancun amid state emergency? Senator slammed as ‘uncaring seditionist’ by struggling Texans
Some said the man in the pictures is wearing the same mask as Ted Cruz (Getty Images/ Sawyer Hackett/Twitter)

Texas is suffering from dire consequences of the winter storm as record-low temperatures have brought life to a standstill. Millions are left without access to electricity as the state's electric grid operator lost its control of the power supply. A state emergency was declared by President Joe Biden on February 14. While Texans are struggling to go about their day-to-day life, a few viral pictures on Twitter have convinced people that Senator Ted Cruz is "fleeing Texas". Some claimed that he was flying to Cancun in South Mexico. 

A significant number of Twitter users began trending Cancun as they wondered if the man in the picture was, in fact, Cruz. Many others seemed rather irked with his alleged travel plans while the state is plunged in darkness due to the ongoing power outage and thousands are out of food and water. 


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Senator Ted Cruz (Getty Images)

Is that Ted Cruz in the picture?

Twitter user Juan Gomez shared a picture of a man resembling Cruz, with his face covered in a mask and a trolley in hand from the airport and captioned it, "Well Senator Cruz is flying to Cancun while millions of Texans do not have electricity #Priorities#[email protected]@keithedwards @shannonrwatts." It barely took a few minutes for the picture to go viral, as the majority of them seconded Gomez, convinced that it was Cruz in the picture. 

Television producer and former The Lincoln Project member Keith Edward re-tweeted Gomez's tweeted with an actual picture of Cruz's and wrote, "Ok, at first I didn't think this was ted cruz, but this person has the same mask as the senator. Did Ted Cruz fly to Cancun today during his state's emergency?"


Ted Cruz's pictures have Twitter in a frenzy

A few minutes ago, former MSNBC journalist David Shuster confirmed on his Twitter handle that Cruz was flying with his family to Cancun for a few days. He wrote, "Just confirmed @SenTedCruz and his family flew to Cancun tonight for a few days at a resort they've visited before. Cruz seems to believe there isn't much for him to do in Texas for the millions of fellow Texans who remain without electricity/water and are literally freezing."


The above post further fueled anger as people couldn't wrap their heads around Cruz vacationing with his family at a time when millions are struggling to cope with the blackout and freezing weather. 

One tweeted, "Rich, privileged man flees Texas for Cancun during a statewide disaster. Let's find this person and make him famous, Twitter. ... oh wait. Nm. It's @tedcruz. Nm. We know." Another wrote, "Don't worry, Texas. @tedcruz is on the case. No, wait. Not on the case. He packed his case and went to Cancun. It's warmer there. That's how much that POS cares about you, Texas. It's how much he cares about America. @tedcruz is a selfish, uncaring seditionist." Another angry user added, "My pregnant daughter is without electricity & water. The stores are without food because there's no delivery trucks. People are standing in lines in below freezing temperatures for hours trying to just get even a loaf of bread & he's going to Cancun??"




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