Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri: Here's how 'Reply 1988' stars met as they flaunt restaurant date amid breakup rumors

Caught up in a breakup rumor, Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri resorted to be viewed in public together to reassure fans

                            Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri: Here's how 'Reply 1988' stars met as they flaunt restaurant date amid breakup rumors
Hyeri and Ryun Jun Yeol still going 'strong', says Internet (Instagram)

'Reply 1988' fans have always cherished the reel-to-real friendship turned romantic relationship of Girl's Day's Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol.

The couple went from being co-stars to one of the most popular K-drama couple goals in no time. However, recently, 'My Roommate is a Gumiho' star Hyeri was linked with co-star Jang Ki-yong as rumors of Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol breaking up spread rapidly on the Internet. The rumor was fueled by the amazing chemistry of the on-screen couple of 'My Roommate is a Gumiho' who appeared together on KBS Cool FM 'Kang Han Na's Volume Up' to promote their new tvN drama. Jang Ki-yong and Hyeri were seen vibing together which led fans to 'conclude' that it might be the end for Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri era.


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Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol in 'Reply 1988' (Netflix)

The truth behind breakup rumors

Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol have been caught up in multiple breakup controversies. In 2020, it was rumored that the couple has been separated after which they were spotted together riding a bicycle and also in an art gallery looking 'friendly on a hot day'. This time, the couple has resorted to being viewed in public to reassure fans. A news report from Star News Korea stated that the K-drama stars were seen on a 'date'. They came to a restaurant in casual clothes and spent quality time together. A photo was also uploaded to a community site which was taken down later for privacy measures.


Relationship timeline of Hyeri and Ryun Jun-yeol

How did they meet?

Hyeri and Ryun Jun-yeol met in 2015 for 'Reply 1988', and much before public acknowledgment, the couple was 'shipped' for their amazing chemistry on the show along with their honest admiration for each other. Even when auditioning for 'Reply 1988', Hyeri got help from Jun-yeol. "I was worried if the viewers would be as sad as I would be during the crying scene so I was wondering if I could get any tips or know-hows. So I called Ryu Jun-yeol two days before the shoot. We weren't that close back then so I had to pick up the courage to call him. I asked if he could come out to the office and he came gladly without hesitation. He taught me the best", Hyeri shared in an interview.


When did they announce their relationship?

After 'Reply 1988' aired in 2016 the couple came out in public when Ryun Jun-yeol's agency said, "Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri recently progressed from being friends to a couple, and they are still in the early stages of their relationship. We apologize to the fans for these surprise dating reports...We ask that people watch over them warmly as their relationship is still in the early stages. Thank you."

Ryun Jun-yeol is both 'warm and cold' to Hyeri

Sharing details of their relationship, Hyeri shared in 2019, “Although we’re busy, we’re happily dating.” She then laughed as she added, “I think I meet him as much as I meet the Girl’s Day members.” Speaking of how affectionate Ryun Jun-yeol is, Hyeri said, "It depends really, sometimes he’s cold and sometimes he’s warm.”

In 2021 as seen still 'very much in love', K-drama fans are hoping to see their favorite couple together for a lifetime. A fan said, "I just want them to know how many people actually support and are happy with their relationship. Happy they don't need to cover themselves up anymore!" Another fan gushed, "My ship is sailing smoothly! Stay in love."