Blackpink's Rosè and Girl's Day's Hyeri stream lunch date on Instagram Live, fans call them 'freaking cute'

The two have been friends for a long time, following their appearance on tvN’s 'Amazing Saturday' in 2018

                            Blackpink's Rosè and Girl's Day's Hyeri stream lunch date on Instagram Live, fans call them 'freaking cute'
Blackpink's Rosé and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (Getty Images)

Girl's Day's Hyeri hopped on Blackpink's Rosè's Instagram live prior to their lunch date, and their friendship is making fans of both groups swoon. Both idols have spoken about their friendship before, notably appearing on tvN’s 'Amazing Saturday' to share how they first became friends, which, coincidentally, happened following their previous appearance on the show in 2018. Rosé shared during the interview that it was Hyeri who first asked for her number, adding, "I was really moved. I was nervous [around her] because she’s a senior artist and I was a fan of hers, so it was hard for me to talk to her first. But she was really cool and handed me her phone [so I could give her my number], which made my heart skip a beat." Following that, the two routinely got together and bonded over meals, becoming fast friends in no time. And their latest live call just confirms that they are absolutely #FriendshipGoals.

Girl's Day's Hyeri (Getty Images)

"HYERI WENT LIVE W ROSE WOOOOOOOOWOWIEJDJDN," tweeted one evidently excited fan, while another said, "Look at this two so freaking cute #rosie #hyeri," and one shared, "Rosé and Hyeri's friendship," followed by an emoji of praying hands. Their interaction during the live and after had fans squealing, with one tweeting, "HYERI SAYING ROSIE IS PRETTY AAAAA," and another sharing, "ROSÉ Live is finished. She's having a lunch date now with Hyeri!" Fellow Blackpink member Jisoo also showed up for the live via comments which read, "Omg it paused ㅜ NO ㅜㅜ," "Oh oh she called cause you were late lol," "Enjoy your meal haha," and "Hyeri keke! Do you see my comment!!! It’s me!! I’m here too!! lol / Buy me food too / Heyyyyy I’m hungry too / bye bye lol have fun."

Fans found it amusing, however, that Hyeri was trending due to being on Rosè's live as opposed to it being because of Girl's Day activities or any of her own solo projects. "Still lolling at Hyeri trending," shared one fan, "How the hell Hyeri is trending when she was on Rose IG live lmaooo," said another, and one fan tweeted "The way hyeri trending worlwide cause of rosé but rosé herself not trending anywhere." Some fans sadly missed out on the moment, later tweeting, "No one told me that Hyeri go live with Rosè???????? I hate ya so much!" as well as, "I SHOULDVE WATCHED ROSE’S LIVE / I DIDNT KNOW HYERI WAS IN IT PLS I MISS GIRLS DAY." Another helpful fan shared, "Since Hyeri's trending, watch her vlogs!!! There's this one vlog when she's with Rosé."

Lisa and Rose of Blackpink attend the Mulberry A/W 18 event at K museum on September 6, 2018, in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

One fan pointed out, "So besides Rosie can do IG live today she can also show Hyeri are we near freedom? No more yg controlling the pink?" This, it would appear, is in reference to a previous incident where Blackpink member Lisa was out with her friends, Thai K-pop idols Sorn, Lisa, and Minnie, as well as another friend, Elkie from Hong Kong. The group went out to lunch and Sorn chose to vlog the get-together, but Lisa stated she was unable to show her face, leading fans to speculate that her label, YG Entertainment, was exercising control over what she was allowed to appear in.

But this wasn't the only complaint fans had following Rosè's live. "@ygent_official Where’s the promo? No variety shows no nothing "Extensive promo"4 days and bp back to doing nothing, rosé out with Hyeri, Lisa at home, Jennie spamming pics and Jisoo bored somewhere," tweeted one angry fan. Despite the massive success of their latest comeback 'How You Like That', Blackpink has not participated in any further promotional activities, which ideally would have included appearances on multiple variety and talk shows.

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