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'Renovation Island' star Sarah Baeumler slammed for selling $370 bag: 'Don't rip people off'

'Over 500.00 bucks for this bag !! Really?? So disappointed. A piece of denim, a strap and a zipper does not cost over 500.00 bucks,' commented a fan
'Renovation Island' star Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)
'Renovation Island' star Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA: 'Renovation Island' star Sarah Baeumler managed to earn the wrath of her loyal Instagram followers when she listed a basic denim-colored shoulder bag for $370 or 504.37 CAD on her website!

After earning rave reviews from followers and clients for her impeccable aesthetics, the HGTV star began selling some of her custom-made and ethically-sourced lifestyle and home decor pieces on her website. From dainty eye-catching jewelry to tea towels, Sarah has almost everything you need for that "Pinterest" worthy pieces in your life. So, when the interior designer recently took to her Instagram to announce the launch of the latest addition to the Sarah Baeumler catalog- a line of denim bags called Quinn in crossbody, pouch, and shouldersac designs, her followers instantly flocked to the website to get their hands on it. However, the hefty $370 pricetag or 504.37 in Canadian Dollars instantly put off many from clicking on the purchase button.


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Several fans took to her Instagram post's comment section to slam Sarah for her outrageously priced bags. A fan commented, "Over 500.00 bucks for this bag !! Really?? So disappointed. A piece of denim, a strap and a zipper does not cost over 500.00 bucks." "$439 for the crossbody and $516 for the shouldersac 😆," wrote a n amused fan. "Too bad normal people can’t afford your things.. 😆," joked a fan. "This bag is amazing - I mean ofcouse it is at $370. In wild time with inflation going crazy and life costing more than ever - could you not have worn a pair of designer sunglasses and made the bag accessible for not just other rich folks!" pointed out a fan.

Another fan added, "This is so off putting. Don't rip people off. This is insulting to the people who have supported your journey. I'm going to let it slide but it's making me like putting my support elsewhere." "This is truly sad. I know they have to support their overindulgent life style somehow, but don't insult your fans and supporters. Please be contented with all that you have been blessed with. Remember where you came from. The world is struggling. Show some compassion," urged a fan. "Wow! It’s a great bag, but who can afford it???? Have you thought of providing more affordable options for those of us who don’t have a disposable income??? 🤷‍♀️" wondered a fan. "I personally feel that all of this is getting a little out of hand ..what average person can afford this "bag" ..and I'm sorry Sara it's not all that great looking!" echoed a fan.

'Renovation Island' Season 3 airs every Sunday at 9/8c on HGTV.

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