What is Renee Gracie's net worth? Pornstar paid $1.3 milllion CASH for mansion

Former race car driver Renee Gracie now earns $25,000 a month from OnlyFans and owns supercars worth $2.6 million

                            What is Renee Gracie's net worth? Pornstar paid $1.3 milllion CASH for mansion
Renee Gracie was Australia's first full time female racer in 15 years in 2015 (Instagram: @therenee_gracie)

Australian pornstar Renee Gracie is not just a regular OnlyFans content creator. At just 26, Gracie has already had an established career in racing, becoming the country's first full-time race car driver in 15 years back in 2015. Gracie is also the mother of a baby boy whom she shares with her boyfriend, but the couple are also about to share a giant $1.3 million CAD ($1.04 USD) mansion which Gracie paid for in cash from money earned on the adult entertainment platform.

Gracie's new property is sprawled across 1.5 acres of land and accommodates a cinema room and an air-hanger style garage filled where she showcases her supercars worth $320,000 CAD (roughly $260,000 USD), reports The Daily Star. The former racer from Gold Coast, Queensland also brags of a whopping 13.9 million followers on OnlyFans and some 26,000 on Instagram. But despite a flourishing career in racing, Gracie is said to have made a fortune from adult entertainment by selling racy content for the paid subscription platform. But her plush expenses make one wonder what Renee Gracie's net worth might be?


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What is Renee Gracie's net worth?

According to the celebrity website Walikali.com, Gracie's net worth is a whopping $1.8 million as of 2020. Daily Star however reports that Gracie is currently worth $3.4 million AUD ($2.6 million USD). In an interview with News Corp Australia, Gracie opened up about earning $25,000 a week through OnlyFans - something that she admittedly couldn't have imagined in racing. “It has been the best thing I have done in my whole life. It has put me in a financial position I could never have dreamt of and I really enjoy it," Gracie told News Corp Australia. "I am fine with whatever they want to call me," she said of the unsolicited criticism sex workers are slammed with often. "I am earning good money and I am comfortable with where I am at," Gracie was quoted as saying by News Corp Australia."

Gracie, who's enjoyed an illustrious career in racing, also addressed why she left the sport. "I wasn't getting the results and couldn't get the funding. I tried to do my best but it got to a point where my dream vanished,” the adult actress said. After reported struggling to "get a foothold in the sport", Gracie quit after her last known season in 2017. Although her professional details between then and now aren't public, the entertainer had been visibly more thrilled about the whopping money her current job offers. Gracie's family is also supportive of her profession, her father especially, because of the finances incurred, she told 7NEWS earlier this year. 



Renee Gracie's monthly earnings

Starting in January 2020, Gracie made $3000 just in her first week on OnlyFans. By June 2020, Gracie had already made $500,000 from the platform and is currently reportedly earning $3.4 million  But financial setback his her earlier this year when Instagram banned her account that had over 750,000 followers and would earn Gracie $15,000 a month. Still, Gracie went on for the purchase of her stellar mansion with high hopes of an investment opportunity, as she told Daily Star what led to the extravagant home. 

“I was originally looking for more investment properties but not being able to travel, I knew I’d be settling in Australia for a bit so started looking for my dream home," Gracie told the outlet, continuing: "I had very specific things in mind when choosing my house. I wanted a new property, lots of land, plenty of privacy, and enough of a blank canvas to make it my own... And of course, lots of garage space. Just because I don’t race anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t love cars."



Renee Gracie's assets

Talking about her plush assets, Gracie told the outlet: "I’ve got a 2016 Mustang GT, which has $15,000 worth of modifications on it, a 2019 Mercedes Benz AMG GT and an old Nissan Pathfinder 1999 for camping my collection. "I’m also thinking about buying a 2022 Chevy Silverado very soon. "Her house is an impressive property too, spread over 3760 sq ft, with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a soon-to-be-built 10m swimming pool, a sunken fire pit, BBQ, and smoker," the model told Daily Star. 

Gracie's plans of customizing her home include turning her shed into a photography studio, "and the next project to be built will be a 10m swimming pool, a cabana, a sunken fire pit, bbq, smoker and landscaping," she tells the outlet. “In total it’ll probably cost around $90,000 – but this is what I wanted, to be able to put my own stamp on the house.” Along with Gracie, her boyfriend, and their son, the mansion will also be occupied by their four dogs, one cat, four chickens, and two ducks. Relieved that she doesn't have to worry about getting her home stashed by wild events, Gracie shared: "I’m not a party girl at all. I’ve paid way too much money for people to wreck things. Maybe once the pool and cabana have been built I might have a small gathering but I’d rather be with the animals and chilling out.”