Remy vs Stuart Little: Internet posts hilarious answers as debate over beloved anthropomorphic rats resurfaces

Remy vs Stuart Little: Internet posts hilarious answers as debate over beloved anthropomorphic rats resurfaces
The Internet debated who would win in a battle between Remy from 'Ratatouille' or Stuart from 'Stuart Little' based on their skills (IMDb/Ratatouille, Stuart Little)

If we talk about movies with anthropomorphic rats, one will directly land on two of the most famous movies -- 'Stuart Little' and 'Ratatouille'. Stuart is a mouse and Remy is a rat. Now, there is a bizarre debate on the Internet where people are wondering who would win if both rats had a face-off. The online debate is intriguing and these blockbuster film series are from two different perspectives, but the comparison between them is hilarious. However, they do have a winner.

On one hand, we have Stuart Little who gets adopted by the Littles and lives a considerably comfortable life. On the other, we have the survivor of the streets and several hardships, Remy, who is visibly larger than Stuart in size as well. Pixar's Remy is a skilled chef and naturally neat with knife movement which could be a threat to Stuart. However, the mouse has other resources which can come in handy such as his boat which he can use to recoup. Moreover, Stuart has spent more time with human beings which makes him smarter than Remy. If they were to battle, he could set up some sort of trap to gain an edge. But Remy has a circle that could not only threaten Stuart but deal with him and Remy would not even have to involve. The Internet believes Remy would wash Stuart Little if they ever fought.


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Stuart Little vs Ratatouille

One user wrote, "Stuart from the suburbs went to a private school and had white parents. Remy on the other hand was raised by the gang, he was born in the trenches, not only that but when he came up he put the whole squad on, they tied a nigga up and threw him in the trunk of his own car."

Another user tweeted, "Stuart gon come out swinging and will land some haymakers. But Remy defo got a chin, he’ll drag Stuart into deep waters and finish him between rounds 6-8 assuming it’s a championship fight."



One user believes Stuart is too sophisticated and tweeted, "Stuart was a posh boy who lived in a loving white family, Remy was from the streets so remy would smoke the stuart little pack everyday."

Another user rooted for Remy and tweeted, "Remy all day long. Master chef AND an expert mobile suit Mecha pilot. Raised on the streets too? No shot Stuart little. Be thankful your dad is Dr House."



One more user wrote, "Remy uses his hands for hours a day pulling linguini's hair, stuart little is an entitled orphan who has never accomplished anything in life."

Another user tweeted, "Stuart little was raised by elite white people meanwhile Remy from Pixar’s ratatouille (circa 1876) grew up in the hood fighting for his life just to survive. stuart’s biggest struggle was to be part of a family meanwhile Remy had to solo grind from day 1 with no help. it’s remy."



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