Kristin Cavallari's friends reveal truth behind her and Jay Cutler's divorce: 'Once a jerk, always a jerk'

Kristin Cavallari's friends reveal truth behind her and Jay Cutler's divorce: 'Once a jerk, always a jerk'
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The aftermath of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler announcing their divorce is getting messy. A lot of speculations have been doing the rounds as to why Cavallari is seeking a divorce, one of them being her being over Cutler's lazy attitude. 

It was reported a couple of days ago that Cavallari's "impatience" towards the "unmotivated" and "lazy" Cutler, could be one of the reasons for the couple heading their separate ways. 

However, a media outlet, after speaking with friends close to the couple, confirmed that the truth was far from what was reported. The real reason behind the divorce was Cutler's "rude" behavior towards fans, Cavallari, their friends and their family. It was also revealed that Cutler's behavior ultimately left Cavallari feeling alone with their three children. 

Stars of the reality show 'Very Cavallari' announced their shocking split in late April, shortly after returning from their vacation in the Bahamas. It was revealed that Cutler filed first while seeking primary custody of their kids. Cavallari hit back days later, claiming that the ex-NFL player was refusing to vacate their $4.2M Nashville home. 

Multiple reports stating Cavallari's frustration with Cutler's unmotivated stance post his 12 year NFL career did the rounds. However, friends close to them, came out to quash the reports and reveal that Cavallari was over Cutler's bad attitude. One of them stated: "Kristin never had an issue with Jay for being lazy, this wasn't the problem at all. Those stories are all BS."

Another added: "God help the fans who wanted a selfie or to say hi in a restaurant. He'd quickly shoo them away or roll his eyes to their face as they'd ask for a photograph.
Kristin is smart and knows how important her fans are. She values their support and is beyond grateful for them. Jay simply had no time or tolerance for them and this would embarrass her."

This is not the first time that Cutler's bad attitude has made it in the news. Throughout his NFL career, playing as a quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins, he was dogged by reports labeling him a "jerk".

Cutler's former Broncos teammate Champ Bailey, in a previous interview, agreed to him being an "absolute jerk" who "rubbed a lot of people as well as guys in the locker room" the wrong way. "Certain teammates, you know, like maybe a backup quarterback… didn't like him. Other guys that were on the roster at the time. Guys that really have nothing good to say about him," he'd said. 

An insider said Cavallari "found that the perception of him as an NFL player, wasn't a perception at all" before adding, "It was how he acted throughout their entire marriage and that's what caused it to end. Once a jerk, always a jerk."

Cavallari and Cutler married in 2013, three years after meeting at a Chicago Bear pre-season game. The former often posted loved up and happy photos of them as a couple on her Instagram which earned them legions of fans. 

However, it all faded as the years passed. A source revealed that with years passing by, Cutler "pushed" Cavallari away making her feel "isolated". The source also added that Cutler was consistently in a "bad mood" and had a "closed off" stance. 

"There was ice running through his veins and he couldn't have been colder or more distant. His behavior, when they filmed her reality show, was at an all-time low. If he wasn't happy with how something had come across, he would take his microphone off and storm off. This horrified Kristin and he was lucky that she was an executive producer as it meant that those scenes and his horrible behavior never made it on television," the source further added. 

The former couple is now fighting out their finances and child custody in the court. In Cutler's original filing, he argued for primary custody on grounds of him being "available at home parent and the primary caretaker of the parties' minor children." This, despite reportedly having previously agreed to share equal care of their brood.

This caught Cavallari "off guard' which led her to hit back in legal papers saying he wasn't available as a father to their kids. She wants primary physical custody of their three kids, child support and for her estranged husband to pay for their health insurance. Cavallari also claimed Cutler had been "punishing" her in their divorce by trying to block her from buying her own home, which she had been looking for since last fall.

The mother-of-three claimed in court documents that Cutler was trying to withhold money she's counted on to buy a new home while pushing to remain in their Nashville abode.
Cutler initially "never objected" to Cavallari buying her own house, but later had a change of heart when it was clear things were so bad in the marriage that it was not going to last, Cavallari said in legal papers.

She also said that they tried to work out their marriage one last time but the attempt was unsuccessful. This proved that "divorce was inevitable" and they began discussing the separation process in March. 

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