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'Real-life superheroes': Internet hails restaurant workers dressed as Power Rangers for fending off attacker

The yellow ranger stood in front of the black ranger and blocked the attacker while everyone told the woman to hide in the kitchen
Brave restaurant workers dressed as Power Rangers save a woman after a man put her in a chokehold (@nokaramen/Instagram)
Brave restaurant workers dressed as Power Rangers save a woman after a man put her in a chokehold (@nokaramen/Instagram)

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA: In a viral tweet a woman talks about the time she witnessed the craziest encounter ever while having dinner. On Friday, October 14, the woman wrote on Twitter about how she was dining at NōKA Ramen in Oakland, California whilst the restaurant workers donned as Power Rangers turned into real-life superheroes.

The woman explains in a tweet that she was at a "ramen shop owned by Thai people in Oakland dressed as Power Rangers when a woman comes rushing in saying she wasn’t safe  — and a man came running in after her and puts her in a chokehold.” Furthermore, she details the ordeal by answering the most obvious question as to why were the restaurant workers wearing costumes based on characters from an action series? because the main cocktail served at NōKA Ramen is a drink called "The Noka Rangers."


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However, the woman continued to explain the crazy ordeal in a series of tweets and said, “Once the woman had expressed she wasn’t safe, and she didn’t want to go home with this man who was choke holding her, the black Power Ranger (the manager with a kickass bob) and the yellow ranger, told the man to leave." She added, "He swung at them. This is when all rangers yelled, 'Huey!'"

The yellow ranger stood in front of the black ranger and blocked the man who was creating the commotion while everyone tells the woman to hide in the kitchen. The man then started using racial slurs and attempted to follow the woman into the kitchen that is when the Yellow Ranger stepped in again and grabbed the man by his collar and removed him out of the restaurant. Another tweet read, “We’re trying to call the cops. Patrons are shaking & crying. The pink Power Ranger (hostess) tells us our food is free. The man goes outside, starts picking up chairs, baby seats & salt + pepper shakers to throw at the windows. I, for some reason, start wolfing down my ramen," the user wrote.


The woman then explains the man allegedly brings another person to fight the masked restaurant workers, saying, "More swings are swung, more power rangers pile onto the men at the door to lock them out. Locking us in. I tell the hostess we’re paying her for our meal & double the tip. She starts shaking." She concluded by saying the police finally arrived and the woman left the place thanking the workers donned as Power Rangers. The tweet caught the attention of the restaurant and shared a picture of eight employees donning their Power Rangers costumes on its Instagram page including the Twitter thread.