FIGHTING BACK! Video shows suspected thief brutally tackled by man before woman puts him in chokehold

FIGHTING BACK! Video shows suspected thief brutally tackled by man before woman puts him in chokehold
The unidentified suspect can be seen sprinting wearing all black clothing and a surgical face mask (London & UK Street News/YouTube)

LONDON, UK: A potential mobile phone theft was averted by a vigilant passer-by after he tackled down the suspect in a dramatic fashion. The footage widely shared on social media shows an unidentified individual sprinting away at St Thomas Street near Borough Market in London on Thursday, September 29.

However, his attempt to get away after his act was stopped by two heroes from the capital city. In the video, it could be heard the crowd in the background shouting "trip him up," as a man steps off the pavement and rugby tackles the alleged thief smashing him into the barriers that were lining the street.


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Thereon, a middle-aged woman can be seen applying a chokehold to further end all his attempts to loosen up the man’s grip on him. The suspect then begs as he screams, “Please my neck, my neck. Let me sit up. I can't breathe.” 

Another passer-by is seen trying to calm the erratic suspect while baffled onlookers wonder what is going on. Many witnesses were heard saying "call the police," when one is heard saying, “Rob people and that's what happens.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson informed MailOnline, “Police were called to St Thomas Street, SE1 on September 29 at 15.17hrs to reports of a robbery. It was reported that a woman had her phone stolen by a male who was then detained by members of the public. He added, "When officers arrived a short time later, the male and members of the public had left the scene. The phone had been recovered and was back in the woman's possession. 'There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.”

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