'RHOBH': Will Sutton Stracke apologize to Crystal Minkoff for 'ugly leather pants' jibe?

'RHOBH': Will Sutton Stracke apologize to Crystal Minkoff for 'ugly leather pants' jibe?
Sutton Stracke stars in 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' (Instagram@suttonstracke)

After last week's blow-up between Sutton Stracke and Crystal Minkoff at Lisa Rinna's pasta party, the only question on fans' minds is whether these two would actually bury the hatchet or whether the fight between them would just continue to escalate. The episode starts with Sutton quite surprisingly apologizing, she says she shouldn't have said that Crystal's leather pants were ugly, because they weren't leather they were pleather. 

This snarky comment shows that there is going to be no easy apology either way from either of the ladies. While the other housewives try to get Crystal and Sutton to sit down and sort out their differences, they simply keep triggering each other. While Sutton says that she is triggered by Crystal's mere presence, Crystal calls her an insecure awkward person and accuses her of crying just to get empathy. Crystal hits below the belt though when she calls Sutton manic and considering Sutton's father committed suicide because he was manic depressive, the other housewives jump to Sutton's defense. Finally, Crystal and Sutton decided to grudgingly for the sake of the others put their differences aside with what Lisa calls a non-apology apology that will go down in a hall of fame. 


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Fans, much like the rest of the housewives, were hoping that Crystal and Sutton would just move on already. One fan tweeted, "All the ladies to Crystal: Please apologize to Sutton so we can get past this… Crystal: #RHOBH." While Crystal's refusal to back down may have been getting on the other housewives' nerves, fans were aspiring for Crystal's level of focus. One fan tweeted, "Crystal is the level of unbothered I strive to be at all times #RHOBH"






While everything is clearly not hunky-dory between Sutton and Crystal, fans couldn't help cracking up at Kathy Hilton not knowing what the term meant in the middle of the fight between Sutton and Crystal. Fans were laughing out loud while tweeting. One fan tweeted, "Cause of death: "WHO IS HUNKY DORY???" #RHOBH"



To find out if things ever become hunky-dory with Sutton and Crystal, you can catch the latest episodes of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' on Bravo.

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