Did Crystal Kung Minkoff work at an escort agency? 'RHOBH' star reveals SHOCKING details from her past

Crystal left her co-stars shocked and Erika Jayne impressed after revealing about her old job at an escort agency

                            Did Crystal Kung Minkoff work at an escort agency? 'RHOBH' star reveals SHOCKING details from her past
Crystal Kung Minkoff on 'RHOBH' (Bravo)

When a new housewife is introduced on Bravo's hit 'Real Housewives' franchise they usually take some time to adjust before they get comfortable enough to reveal some juicy details from their life and past. But the same can't be said for 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Crystal Kung Minkoff. Crystal is already proving to be a great addition to the show. After throwing subtle shade at her co-stars in her debut episode, the housewife is getting ready to give them a peek of her extremely interesting past on the upcoming episode of 'RHOBH'.

Up until now, Crystal was known for her amazing entrepreneurial skills as the co-founder of Real Coco and the wife of legendary 'Lion King' director Rob Minkoff. But there's a lot more to Crystal than just that. In a teaser clip revealed by Bravo for the second episode of 'RHOBH', the housewives are featured playing the fun party game of two truths and a lie. Dorit Kemsley suggests Crystal go first and boy did the new housewife kick off the game with a bang.


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Crystal Kung Minkoff plays a game of two truths and a lie with her co-stars on 'RHOBH' (Bravo)


Did Crystal Kung Minkoff work at an escort agency?

With a poker straight face Crystal reveals her three statements from which the housewives need to spot the lie. Her statements were that she worked at an escort agency, was arrested once and was propositioned to become a madam at the escort agency. Her co-star were left speechless on hearing Crystal's statements and they ask her to reveal which of her statements was a lie.

The new housewife then reveals that she was never arrested and begins to laugh at her co-stars' stunned expressions. In her confessional, Crystal explains that she worked at an escort agency when she was 18 after finishing high school. The housewife, however, clarified to the ladies that she wasn't an escort but was a phone operator at the agency. Although she did receive an offer to become a madam at the agency. Apparently, the new housewife worked there only for a summer, but she candidly admitted to growing up a lot that summer. While the other ladies had no words for Crystal, Erika however, was beyond impressed with her new co-star and branded Crystal as her type of girl. Well, we can't wait to learn more about Crystal's fascinating life and past.

You can watch the clip of Crystal's big reveal here



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