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'Queens' Episode 4: Jeff gets his mistress pregnant, fans ask 'Brianna to kick her ass'

Brianna is left to pick up the pieces after the sudden death of her husband as she gets the support of her friends
A still from 'Queens' (ABC)
A still from 'Queens' (ABC)

ABC's musical drama had been full of various plot twists as we are taken into the lives of Brianna (Eve), Jill (Naturi Naughton), Valeria (Nadine Velazquez) and Naomi (Brandy) as they try and make a comeback as 'Queens' all while dealing with personal drama.

The first three episodes of 'Queens' saw a lot happen, one of the biggest plots being Jeff (RonReaco Lee) cheating on Brianna. The mother of four is left to deal with the consequences and ponders whether to take him back or not. Well, she doesn't have to solve that as Jeff himself gets out of the picture. Read on to know what happened in the fourth episode and how fans reacted.


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Episode 3 of 'Queens' saw Brianna's husband pass away in his sleep after he had brain surgery. In Episode 4 we saw Brianna break the news to her friends and family which saw everyone gather at her house to support her. Amidst all this, we saw Jeff's phone continuously ring and well, it was the person Brianna hated the most right now. Yep, his mistress Alexis kept calling but no one picks up. But Valeria taking pity goes to her house and tells her about Jeff's passing.

Now unbeknownst to all, this causes Alexis to show up for the funeral. Brianna loses it and attacks her, knocking her to the ground. Later the ladies talk it out with them comforting each other. But nope, we're not done yet. As we see Alexis cry over Jeff's body with Brianna alongside her, the mistress suddenly throws up on his dead body. Briana deduces she's pregnant and the episode ends on this cliffhanger. 

Now fans who love Brianna took to Twitter to express how they felt about Jeff's actions. One of the fans tweeted, "#QueensABC she preggo !! Kick her ass again Brianna". Another viewer commented, "JoJo is all of us when we found out White girl pregnant after she threw up on Jeff's triffling dead ass ..Seriously Jeff WTF bruh !!!".  A fan also said, "Jeff still causing damage in the afterlife #QueensABC".

Another tweet read, "Not the mistress still calling Jeff! Lawd, I wouldn’t know what to feel If I was in that situation. #QueensABC". A user commented, "Bri is so strong #QueensABC". A viewer said, "Po Brianna catching hell all season! #queensabc"







'Queens' airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on ABC.