ABC 'Queens' Episode 2 Preview: The Nasty Bitches prepare for world domination

Naomi is faced with a tough question whose answer she's not prepared to give as ex-flame Eric re-enters her life

                            ABC 'Queens' Episode 2 Preview: The Nasty Bitches prepare for world domination
Nadine Velazquez as Valeria in 'Queens' (ABC)

ABC recently had its season premiere of 'Queens' and boy was it fun! The musical drama is filled will hip-hop, friendship and feuds as four ladies navigate their way back into once familiar waters.

'Queens' will follow the re-emergence of Professor Sex, Xplicit Lyrics, Da Thrill  and Butter Pecan who formed the legendary group 'Nasty Bitches'. But they're legendary for a reason they've now been forgotten and are the stuff of legends. The first episode of the show gave us a peek into what the ladies once were and what they've now become. Read on to know what is coming up in the second episode of the ABC show.


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Sneak peek of 'Queens'

The preview begins as we see the Nasty Bitches burn up the stage with a wild audience cheering them on. "This is our second chance, we need to fly the flag for real", exclaims Jill ( Naturi Naughton ) as we see the group put on a look of determination and agreement saying 'AMEN!'. One of the members narrates that they could be the biggest hip-hop stars in the world as we see the ladies in the middle of practice sessions. Reality cuts in as Brianna (Eve) says she has kids to take care of along with her marriage of 16 years. Her husband who she caught cheating red-handed asked if she can forgive him or if they're done as she shoots him a dirty look.

Meanwhile, Jill is shown to be hounded by reporters and media who want to hear her story. She has agreed to an interview and is excited about it as we see another woman make a move on the closeted pastor. Uh-oh, will Jill cheat on her girlfriend who she's cheating with on her husband? The woman sure attracts attention. 

Valeria ( Nadine Velazquez) is seen walking with the manager of the group and ex-flame Eric (Taylor Sele) and opens up about forgetting where she came from as she's been hustling for a long time. We see the ex-lovers do a bit of dancing at a club as the spark reignites. Trouble is waiting to happen as Eric runs into Naomi (Brandy) who was his side-chick due to which there still exists tension between her and Valeria. There, by her side is her daughter who doesn't know who her father is and demands the truth from Naomi. We cut to a montage of the fierce ladies performing as they say they're queens against the world!

The clip ends on a worrisome note as we see a masked person pull a gun on the group as they look on in confusion and fear.

'Queens' airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on ABC.

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