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ABC 'Queens': Naomi sings Wrecking Ball, fans say it's 'officially Brandy's song'

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Brandy as Naomi in 'Queens' (ABC)
Brandy as Naomi in 'Queens' (ABC)

'Queens' just debuted its second episode of the season and the ABC show spared no time in diving right into the story. The musical show will follow four friends as they reconnect after 20 years when an opportunity to shine as the Nasty Bitches come again. The foursome used to be at the top of the music game but now lay forgotten.

The first episode of the season introduced us to Jill (Naturi Naughton), Valeria (Nadine Velazquez), Brianna (Eve) and Naomi (Brandy) who have all been hammered by life, be it kids or a failed career, and are unhappy. Naomi the only one of the former group has held onto her musical aspirations all these years but is nowhere close to fulfilling her decades-long dream of being a solo artist. We saw her perform in empty bars with an unforgiving audience as she gets frustrated. Read on to know what progress her character made in the second episode and how fans reacted.


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Spoilers for 'Queens' - "Heart Of Queens"

Naomi (Brandy) who has been a washed-up and forgotten musician for years finally gets a bit of recognition from the one-time gig. At a meeting with a music producer, she's all hopeful as she thinks she'll finally get a deal, but unfortunately for her, that's not what happens. They want to rope her in for writing lyrics for a popular singer instead with a solo record deal never being on the table. Insulted she leaves the meeting and heads home where she calls her daughter to tell her about it not going well. Her daughter keeping it very real asks her how can she even think of giving up after all the struggle of many years which even had her neglecting her child. Naomi with a look of determination leaves. We cut to her showing up at the producer's house unannounced as she proclaims, "I'm a star". She sings an amazing rendition of 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus which was mesmerizing. The producer looks satisfied and surprised at her amazing vocals as we see she's been offered a solo album deal the next day.

Brandy who plays Naomi and is a singer in real life completely won us over with her cover with fans sharing the same opinion. We saw viewers of the show go online to share their love for Brandy's voice. This is how they reacted.

A fan said, "@4everBrandy is what you call a natural STAR. Sis is forever gonna be a threat. Don’t play with her! #QueensABC". Another viewer commented, "#QueensABC Brandy just gave "Wrecking Ball" the "I Will Always Love You" treatment.". A user said, "I can’t stop listening to @4everBrandy‘s cover of Wrecking Ball for @QueensABC!!!! #WreckingBall #Brandy #QueensABC"

A viewer said, "Oh it’s official Wrecking Ball is now officially Brandy’s song #QueensABC". Another fan commented, "@MileyCyrus we the #stars still love you! But @4everBrandy ATE tonight #QueensABC". A user said, "I can listen to Brandy sing all day. Love her! #QueensABC" 







'Queens' airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on ABC.