ABC 'Queens' Episode 2 Review: The Nasty Bitches get a chance to rewrite history

Jill gets kicked out of her church as she comes out as queer on national television in 'Queens'

                            ABC 'Queens' Episode 2 Review: The Nasty Bitches get a chance to rewrite history
Naturi Naughton and Eve in 'Queens' (ABC)

Spoilers for 'Queens' Episode 2 "Heart Of Queens"

We just witnessed the drop of the second episode of the latest musical drama 'Queens' and it was decent fun. The ABC show had opened to rave reviews with fans loving the first episode which was packed with drama and music. 

The story will see a mom, a washed-up musician, a disgraced daytime tv host, and a lesbian church lady who once were fierce queens of rap try and regain their lost status. The show also boasts of a talented cast that consists of Brandy, Eve, Nadine Velazquez, and Naturi Naughton who play Naomi, Brianna, Valeria, and Jill respectively. Read on to know what happened in the second episode and what we thought of it.


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Episode two of 'Queens' opens on a confusing note as we see the group and their manager Eric (Taylor Sele) suddenly approached by a masked person pointing a gun at them as they stare in shock.  We are then shown the Nasty Bitches in the past at the height of fame as Naomi says she can't do this anymore. Cutting back to the present we see Jill's husband who knows of her adultery suggest a polyamorous relationship as he's unable to let go. Jill firmly says no as she can finally be her true self with the woman she loves. Bad news follows as she's shunned and kicked out of her church for coming out on national television. Switching back to the past we are shown the founding members of the Nasty Bitches with Valeria making a late entry to the group after she caught the eye of Eric. In 2021 Eric is trying to pitch the group once more with him landing a gig in Sandiego. Meanwhile, Naomi gets offered a solo deal that will prevent her from performing with the group leaving her torn. 

A still from 'Queens' Episode 2 (ABC)

After a few hesitations, we see the group agree to do the show as they go rehearse. We are shown the group in 1998 when they just get signed as they declare nothing can break them apart. Eve's story sees an interesting development as her adulterous husband after his brain surgery has no memory of him cheating. Cutting back to 2001 we see cracks starting to appear in the sisterhood of rappers as fights erupt and accusations are thrown about. 

Eve and Nadine Velazquez in 'Queens' (ABC)

Episode 2 of 'Queens' was a decent watch. But what ruined the storytelling was the rushed switching back and forth between the past and present that left us confused about the timeline. The retro clothes and hairstyles served as the saving grace to discern the flashbacks. Brandy who plays Naomi shone in this episode with her beautifully strong vocals. We also got a glimpse into the history of the group and what started to go wrong as the group prepares to make a comeback. We hope the future episodes have a more crisp display of events. 

'Queens' airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on ABC.

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